Fall Family Photos 2017

I am so thankful for our 2017. It’s been a great year both personally and professionally. My heart just about jumped for joy when Cheyenne Schultz emailed me to let me know that she was gifting us a mini session to celebrate her 10th (TENTH!!) year in business–y’all she is just the best. She has shot everything in our lives from engagement, to birth, to family sessions now. I just love her. I was blown away by the results with two insane toddlers…thank you times a million, Cheyenne!

Turks & Caicos 2017

The CFO and I just returned from a much-needed trip to Turks & Caicos. We had the very best time and realized we need to do a trip with just ‘us’ more often. We haven’t laughed that hard in a while. It was the first time since we’ve had children (2. 5 years!) that we have been really able to ‘let go’ and relax with each other. It was perfect. We stayed at Amanyara and were treated like royalty for 5 nights. Such sweet memories of our time there. Here are some pictures to recap. xo

Our Thanksgiving Card 2015

One of my favorite times of the year occurs when I open up my mailbox to find holiday cards! This year, I was worried with our move that we’d miss out on a lot of them going to our old address, so I decided to get a jump on it and do a Thanksgiving card vs. Christmas with our change of address. Allison of Allison Kuhn Photography graciously took time out of her already busy schedule (she’s a really good photographer if you didn’t already know) to shoot us while our house was under construction. And of course, LRT of Be Pretty came over to make me beautiful and cover up my pregnancy acne. Love you two to the moon. Here is our card and some other pictures–Callahan was being AWFUL and was signing ‘more’ the entire time for food. Beast-mode. All day. Still amazed and love how they turned out :).
And here is the house–almost done! We’re in now…still a LOT to do but loving it!

Happy 4th Anniversary

{Katrina + Ryan} Wedding Highlights from Merigo Films on Vimeo.

Happy Anniversary to my sweet CFO, husband and baby daddy. Love you to the moon and back. For a walk down memory lane, you can find our full wedding feature HERE and HERE.

Six Months of Cal

How has this sweet boy been with us for more than 7 months now? Crazy to think he was still inside of me longer than he’s been on the outside. We almost forget about what life was like before him (almost). I’d be lying to say I don’t miss and long for the days when I could go to cocktail hour with girlfriends on a Tuesday or Hutch and I could just run out to dinner on a whim on a Thursday. But, we have gained so much more. Callahan is the light of our life. ¬†Around 6 months, we took some pictures amongst the peach blossoms with the very talented Kristin Byrum Photography. We had so much fun and just love how they’ve turned out. Thank you guys so much! Makeup by LRT of Be Pretty :).¬†Callahan-you are the happiest, sweetest, craziest little boy and we just love you so much. Thank you for making me a mama, buddy.

Katrina Hutchins Events

Katrina Hutchins Events