Hourly Virtual Design and Consultation Planning Appointments NOW AVAILABLE!

Well, it’s been a minute (or two) since I last blogged! This year has been a wild one for all of us, and especially the events industry here in North Carolina. We are going on month  9 of some pretty intense restrictions that have turned a lot of peoples weddings and events upside down. I’ve personally spent the last 9 months navigating these uncertain times with my clients–cancelling, scheduling, rescheduling, rescheduling again…changing guest counts, layouts…a lot of hard talks, tears (and some laughs!), disappointments, adjusting expectations and managing fears and anxieties out the wazoo! Through it all, my clients have really been troopers, I am so so proud of them and honored to be navigating this right beside them. I’ve found a silver lining of connecting with clients in times of need.

So, in the spirit of pivoting (hello 2020), I wanted to offer brides and anyone planning an event an opportunity to ask questions in a more formal setting. Maybe you can’t or don’t need/want a full-time planner, but have some outstanding questions or issues you want to work through. Perhaps you are just stuck on an aspect of your design and need some professional input. Maybe you’re struggling with how to handle COVID-19 restrictions and need a 3rd party to step in and offer some insight. I’d love to help.

Feel free to reach out! We’ll schedule a time to Zoom (maybe over coffee or wine?!), go through your list of questions, have some laughs and hopefully you’ll come out the other side feeling less stressed about your big day. xo

Katrina Hutchins Events

It has been one week since I launched my new brand/website in its entirety and I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the love and support. Y’all are awesome. Amidst the outpouring of support, the #1 question I’ve received (after the ‘you’re crazy, how do you do all of this with 2 kids etc.’–the answer is that my nanny is sent from Heaven and my husband is #1) has been, “So why did you change the name of the company from Come+Together Events?”. Great question.
KatrinaHutchinsEventsLogoOnColorJPEGAs a business owner, a lot more goes in to our little worlds than just our ‘work’. With out fail, almost every single time I meet someone new and they ask what I do for a living, their response is “OMG that must be SO FUN!”. And it is, sometimes. Most of the time, I am right behind a computer screen and on the phone in my office like any other ‘job’. The other 5% of my job is client-facing doing ‘fun’ things like cake tastings and florals. But that 95%…it is a lot of WORK. Part of that work is running and managing the actual business. This is where my masters degree and previous background in the corporate world has really helped.
KatrinaHutchinsEventsHorizontalLogoDenimOrangeJPEGOver the years I have tracked where I get referrals, what people are Googling (side note: it is crazy that Googling is an actual verb) to find me and where it’s all coming from (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.). Overwhelmingly, my analytic reports were showing people searching for “Katrina Hutchins”. Not “Come Together Events”. Clients were finding me mainly through Instagram (where I mostly posted pictures of my kids, vacations, home and food). Say what?? I’ve also diligently tracked and paid attention to the posts that receive the most attention. They’re always my personal posts. Putting two and two together–people were looking for ME…not CTE.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.30.29 AMSo that is where the initial idea came to re-brand. After years of watching these trends, it was time. But I was nervous to pull the trigger. In my initial consultation call with Emily McCarthy (can’t recommend her enough!), we had a pretty quick discussion on the topic. She immediately suggested I change the name. It was now or never since we were going through this entire process regardless. I was sold. And so, Katrina Hutchins Events was born.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.32.46 AMEmily was able to create my logo and branding ROUND ONE. She sent it over while I was actually on vacation in Aruba and I loved it. But…it couldn’t be that easy right? So I had her send me 3 more rounds….and back to round 1 we went. Sort of like when a bride tries on that first dress, and ends up going back to it after trying 40 more. She really listened to what I had to say, what I loved, what I felt like was my personal style. She nailed it. I am so thrilled with my re-brand and feel that is represents myself and how my work has progressed over the last five years!
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.34.10 AM


Viva Mexico!

I’m off to Mexico today for a 2-day wedding planning stint (sometimes my job is OK :)!). My brother-in-law and his fiance are having a destination wedding and asked me to come along for the ride to help plan–sure, I can do that. I’m thinking I may do a blog post upon my return documenting the world of planning a destination wedding….anyone interested? Adios! xo

2012 in Review

2012 has been such a great year both personally and professionally. Very, very blessed. As I was going through old blog posts to make this, I realized how busy and fortunate we’ve been! First up, lots of great weddings, clients and new friends were made with come+together. This was the year I quit my healthcare job and went full-time with events. My cup runneth over with appreciation for my CFO, clients, vendors, friends and family support.
I was also very blessed with come+together’s work being featured in some fabulous publications this year! Seeing your name in bright lights is super exciting! I owe a lot of it to the many great vendors and clients that I am fortunate enough to work with!
Finally, and most importantly, 2012 was great for me personally. The CFO and I travelled a lot–our favorite thing to do, decorated our condo thanks to Sarah Catherine Studio of Design (who has now become a good friend!), laughed, cried, welcomed Ollie+Otto in to our lives, and have grown in our marriage together. I am so looking forward to doing 2013 with this guy! I’ll be doing a 2013 goals post in the new year. For now, Happy New Year friends! xo

Meet Sarah!

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday–hope everyone has survived Hurricane Sandy! We have lots of friends and family in the Northeast but so far, everyone seems fine! I wanted to start today off with an introduction of come+together’s newest team member, Sarah!
Hi y’all!  My name is Sarah Whitaker and I am beyond thrilled to completely immerse myself into the world of weddings: the good, the bad and the beautiful!

Originally from outside Syracuse in Upstate, NY, I graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.  Moving to Charlotte the year after graduation, I fell in love with this little city and couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an ever-growing community.  Since I moved here, I have been working in corporate jobs, but always had a desire to let my creative juices flow, while still utilizing and showcasing my love of project management and organization.

 The epiphany of my love for all things wedding started surfacing right before my first wave of girlfriends got engaged.  We all knew this tidal wave would come, and priding myself on being ever-prepared, I started researching EVERYTHING.  I couldn’t absorb enough about venues and music, menus and cakes, florists and bouquets, dresses and rings!  There was so much information out there and so little time and I couldn’t help wondering how brides navigated through so many options during their engagement and planning process.  In 2010, I made it through planning my own wedding (lots of help from Mom and Robert Mondavi) and it wasn’t two weeks past our wedding date when I realized I was craving the void of wedding mania. That was when I knew I needed to learn more about the planning as a business, not just a hobby of creating Powerpoint presentations and inspiration boards of ideas I loved.
 I cannot even begin to tell how you how excited I am about the opportunity to work with and learn from Katrina, meet brides-to-be and their entourages and network with any and all vendors that have the same goal: provide the best service we can to make a bride’s vision not only come to life, but make it better than imagined!

Katrina Hutchins Events

Katrina Hutchins Events