How Braces Saved My Life

Ok so that may be a bit dramatic, but hear me out! Deciding to get braces at age 30 was no easy feat. I knew I needed to do it for quite some time and kept putting it off out of fear. Fear of what people would think, fear of what would happen to my business (who wants an event planner with braces!?), fear of the pain, fear of finally taking that first step and what that would mean. When my dentist told me that my bite was WAY off (see picture below–your teeth should interlock like a puzzle, not sit on top of one another!), and that there was a strong possibility that I’d rub my teeth down so much that I’d have to pull my teeth and get dentures–I decided to go to the Orthodontist. It was time.

The first step was pulling my wisdom teeth (not only had I never had braces, but I hadn’t done that either–they came in while I was pregnant with Row and started this whole process. Read more about that HERE). This was way more painful than I had anticipated. But it was done (hot post-surgery selfie below). On to the braces.

Choosing Valeriano Orthodontics was a no-brainer. Loved them so much and had the BEST experience! I’ve had so many people say “you didn’t need braces!” Here are some before+after for reference…

Once I got my braces on (March 2017), and realized my world didn’t implode (not dramatic at all), a light bulb went off. If at age 30, I could get braces and survive to tell the tale…what else could I do to improve myself? After having 2 babies in 2 years, I’d be lying to say that I was making myself a ‘top’ priority. That all needed to change. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t chew really well, or maybe it was the health kick I was embarking on…but I started to make a green smoothie each morning. I went from never really eating breakfast, to packing in a SUPER healthy meal each morning. And guess what…I started to feel ‘better’. I didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling good…until I was feeling good. I started to really pay attention to what I was eating and putting in to my body. Organic everything, making my own milks (coconut and almond), cutting down on the ‘bad stuff’, and just becoming more aware of what I was putting in my body. Next, I started to pay attention to things I was putting ON my body, like my deodorant  and lotion. I switched to all-natural and haven’t looked back.

By my 31st birthday (September 2017), I was feeling good…but not great. I knew there was one more thing I needed to add in to my life but didn’t want to do it–exercise. I hate working out. Always have, and possibly will never love it. I’ve always been thin with out having to do it, so why start now? But it took one bike ride with my husband and kids to change it for me. We lived in Dilworth at the time and walked/biked to lots of things. I’m not sure why this day was different, but we headed out on a ride together to Suffolk Punch. You guys…it’s a 0.7 mile journey. 0.7 miles. In my (very out-of-shape) defense, a part of it was uphill (probably 2 blocks)…but by the time we got to Suffolk Punch, I felt SICK. That was it. I knew I had to change and get in shape. If not for myself, than for my family and my boys who love riding bikes with Mommy.

I started slowly–I needed to make a complete lifestyle change so I didn’t want to burn out after one work out. I knew cardio was not my favorite thing, and preferred workouts that involved lying down for some portion of it (ha!). I went to Iron Butterfly Pilates first, did private lessons and humbled myself. Being completely out-of-shape in a gym is HUMBLING. Slowly, but surely, I started chipping away at my lack of cardiovascular abilities. I gained enough confidence to go in to group classes and then venture to Hilliard Studio Method. I started in beginner classes there (sometimes I still hit the beginner class–it’s still so hard!), and SLOWLY made my way up. I still modify in my workouts where I need to (I have diastasis recti and a very bad back). I now work out consistently around 4 days a week (5 if I have time!), and feel better than I have in my entire life.

Between diet, exercise, all-natural products and a new smile…I feel better than ever as I get ready enter my 32nd year of life next month. I really do attribute getting braces as the catalyst to overhauling my entire lifestyle. I’m not saying I was on the verge of death (again, not dramatic at all), but I KNOW that I’m set up for a longer and healthier life as it is today. Braces saved my life and I am forever grateful for the experience!

My Masking Routine

As promised, I am following up on my skincare routine post with my mask habit(s)! I really look forward to doing a mask each and every night. It’s ‘my’ time once the kids are both down and before I crawl in to bed and collapse. A few of these masks were recommended to me by my aesthetician and a few were recommended by my good friend Lindsey Regan Thorne (she’s an expert on all things beauty!).

I try to rotate these every day, and do the hydrating (#2) mask twice a week!

1. Collin Gommage Mask: This is what I use to exfoliate weekly. If I’m feeling like I need more exfoliation I will do this 2-3 times a week. Just depends on how my skin is feeling.

2.Collin Cream Mask: I use this 1-2 times a week for deep hydration. Feels amazing!

3. Caudile Glycolic Mask: Helps to lighten and brighten my skin from age and sun spots (LRT recommendation!)

4. Colleen Rothschild Clarifying Detox Mask: This one really helps deep clean all the dirt, sweat, makeup etc. Feels so good when it comes off! I use this when I have a break out too.

5.  Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask: This literally makes my skin GLOW! Love love love it!

6. Revisions Blask Mask: Another nice detox mask that makes my skin feel really soothed and refreshed!

One more product I use nightly is Revison’s Nectifirm–don’t forget your neck and décolletage! These areas are one of the first to show signs of aging!

And that’s a wrap. I try to do these religiously and it is actually a really relaxing regiment for me on a daily basis. After the mask, I follow up with my daily nightly routine that can be found in this post.


My Skincare Routine

I have been saying for a while now that I’m going to try to get back to blogging. Between client-work, the kids, life in general…blogging has most certainly taken a back seat. So, I will ‘try’…but it’s definitely last on the ‘list’ of life :). I’ve found that naturally, clients (brides) turn in to wives, in to homeowners, in to moms etc…so I’ll try to blog on my experiences with all of those things! First up-my skin!

I have clearly posted way too many Snaps and Instastories of myself with face masks on, because my #1 question I get from followers is about my skincare routine. So, rather than answering all of these emails and messages–I am finally doing a post.

I got really serious about my skincare after I had Row. I turned 30 that year, was done having babies and knew it was time to fight this aging thing head-on. One of my absolute best friends (and Row’s Godmother) is a Plastic Surgeon in Florida. She gave me my first dose of Botox but STRONGLY urged me to focus on my daily routine vs the ‘quick fix’. Investing in your every day, twice-a-day, skincare was the ticket to great skin in the long run. And sunscreen. Give me all the sunscreen.

So I have done 3 things since that I’ll never regret and continue to maintain:
1. Went for my routine mole-check at my dermatologist. I am a mole-y person and this is super important. Go make your appointment! I even scheduled my next appointment a year from now. Cancer does not discriminate!
2. Started to get routine and scheduled facials. I see Priti at Le Petit Spa–love her! She also does my waxing.
3. Religiously began taking care of my skin twice a day–no matter how tired I am from the babies and work.

I’ll do another post on face masks, but today I’ll focus on my every-day-skin routine. I have an AM and a PM routine.

Morning Routine:
**Let me preface this entire routine with this–If I can find the time and energy to do this, trust me, you can too!!! It takes all of 2 minutes (if that!)!!***

Step 1: Image Skincare’s Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser  I absolutely love this cleanser. It takes some getting used to because it does not lather and you apply it to your face with out water. But it smells amazing and is gentle on my morning skin. I don’t use this at night because I found it wasn’t the best at removing dirt/makeup from my days. But it’s a perfect morning cleanser!

Step 2: SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic This is an investment but really good for anyone fighting some aging signs and malasma (which I have from stopping birth control). It also lasts a long time as you only use a few drops per use!

Step 3: SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel Hydration, hydration, hydration. Can’t get enough of it and it’s a great base to hold in the moisturizer you’ll use in step 4!

Step 4: Collin Marine Collagen Revitalizing Cream I love this light-weight moisturizer. It is HOT outside and this does not leave me feelign too sticky. Plus anti-aging. Give me all the anti-aging.

Step 5: SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel I use this both morning and night. This is great for those tired-mama-eyes and anti-aging too!

One other product I use a lot in the summer is this Image Moisturizer with sunscreen. I’d replace the Collin lotion with this instead if I know I will be outside a lot!

Night time Routine:

Step 1: Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser This cleanser is great to ‘take the day off’, yet is still gentle on my skin (and smells great!).

Step 2: this is actually when I would do a face mask at night (stay tuned for the next post on that)

Step 3: SkinMedica 2.0 Lytera Pigment Correcting Serum Again–the malasma. This is helping!

Step 4: SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel Hydration, hydration, hydration. Can’t get enough of it and it’s a great base to hold in the moisturizer you’ll use in step 5!

Step 5: I go between 2 moisturizers here. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Repair Cream This lotion is a bit heavier which is why I use it at night. It smells amazing and keeps my skin SO hydrated! The other I use (not shown) is more for anti-aging- Image SkinCare The Max Stem Cell Creme.

Step 6: SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel I use this both morning and night. This is great for those tired-mama-eyes and anti-aging too!

So there it is–my daily routine. Again, I’ll do a post on masks next. Let me know what questions you have! And to reiterate-IF I CAN DO THIS, SO CAN YOU! I am lazy, especially at the end of the day. Since I’ve started this routine, I see marked differences in my skin. I do change the routine up in the Winter when the weather is more dry and I’m not in the sun as much. I’ll post that once the seasons change :).



Valeriano Orthodontics + My Braces

I’m 30, a mom of 2 young boys, and I got braces. Yup. I got full-blown, metal braces! Let me back track for a minute…

The “Why?”
I’ve never had braces. My teeth have always been a little crooked, but truly I never cared and always thought it added character to my smile and face. If you know me, I actually prefer things asymmetric and mismatched in my every day + wedding planning life–so this made sense too. Then I got pregnant with Callahan. My teeth shifted a bit.

Then I got pregnant again. My teeth shifted a LOT. During my 1st trimester with Row’s pregnancy, I was sitting on a plane coming home from Tampa, FL (I had a client down there), and was eating popcorn. I was (super politely) picking my teeth for kernels once finished, and felt something really hard in the back of my mouth. It wouldn’t come out no matter how hard I picked at it. Finally, I realized it was a TOOTH. A tooth?? My wisdom teeth had come in! Off to the dentist I went. Indeed, I was right, and there it was. After 29 years, my wisdom tooth decided to come in during my pregnancy as a rare/odd side effect of the hormone surges my body was going through. Yay! Since I was pregnant, there was nothing we could do except monitor it.

Flash forward to Row being 9-months-old, I finally got my wisdom teeth removed. But in the (almost) 18 months that I had them pushing my teeth, things got a little more ‘crooked’ than they were previously. I talked to my dentist and she suggested I go and talk to some Orthodontists as they will only get worse and my bite was way off.

After 2 pregnancies and focusing very little on ‘me’ for the past 3 years–I decided it was time to treat myself and give this a whirl. As moms, we don’t have to sacrifice everything for our kids–we need to be happy and healthy too! I am so glad I decided to go for it.

The “Who?”
I went to a couple of different recommended consultations to get an idea of how this all worked and seek out the correct office and doctor for me.  With out question, I felt immediately welcomed and taken care of at Valeriano Orthodontics. From the moment I walked in to the office, I felt like the entire staff cared, and would take great care of me. Plus, a lot of them had braces themselves which was reassuring. They’re conveniently located in Foxcroft/Southpark area. This was super important to me as a busy mom of 2 little ones. Knowing I would have to go relatively often, I wanted something close by. The entire experience during my consultation sold me on the practice. I knew I was ready to take the next step with them.

The “What?”

During my consultation, I learned a lot of things. First, I quickly learned of the two main options: traditional metal braces vs. Invisalign.

Invisalign is the ultimate in terms of aesthetic treatment options. They use custom molded clear trays to move your teeth to the ideal position. Because they are removable, patient compliance is extremely important with aligners. Invisalign is a terrific option for working professionals or patients seeking a discrete solution to improve their smile.

Dr. Valeriano is certified Invisalign Premier Providers, so he can use his expertise to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment choice for you.

While I (obviously) chose metal braces as the right fit for me, I’d highly recommend Dr. Valeriano for Invisalign treatment as well. While more and more dentists are offering it, I would fully trust a professional Orthodonist for this type of treatment. You don’t let your dentist do your Botox, do you? And you wouldn’t go to your Primary Care doctor for a nose job, so why wouldn’t you want a specialist making you a beautiful smile? Same theory here–this is what they are TRAINED to do.

I ended up going with metal braces for a few reasons. Mostly–my lifestyle. I know myself. The option to take the retainers out with Invisalign would have been my own personal demise. I’m not responsible enough to put them back in! Knowing that braces would be cemented to my mouth and I couldn’t ‘forget’ (as I am chasing around my 2 little boys!) was very reassuring that we would get it done, and get it done right. I’m really happy with my choice for metal braces.  More specifically, Dr. Valeriano offers the Damon System.

The Damon System bracket is self-ligating, so it eliminates the need for elastic ties to keep the wire in. Without a tie, the braces stay clean and friction is reduced allowing your treatment to progress more efficiently and with less discomfort along the way.

I also chose to go with full metal vs. clear brackets. I drink a lot of coffee and red wine and did not want to have to worry about what I ate staining them. It was an easy decision for me (again, given my lifestyle). My treatment should take 11-13 months.

I can’t recommend Dr. Valeriano and his team enough–I’ll update you about half way through on how the treatment is going. So far, so good! And hey…maybe I’ll even get ID’d the next time I try to order a drink :).


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