spring family photos 2018

I try really hard to take family photos two times a year. These babies are just changing so fast and I want to capture each moment. Luckily, the boys have opposite birthdays so it’s a good excuse to try to take pictures around each one. Row is in March and turning 2 was a great chance to get in front of a camera! Thank you to Lauren Friday Photography for capturing this crazy! Thank you to Sabrina from Be Pretty for gussying me up! 🙂 xo

Fall Family Photos 2017

I am so thankful for our 2017. It’s been a great year both personally and professionally. My heart just about jumped for joy when Cheyenne Schultz emailed me to let me know that she was gifting us a mini session to celebrate her 10th (TENTH!!) year in business–y’all she is just the best. She has shot everything in our lives from engagement, to birth, to family sessions now. I just love her. I was blown away by the results with two insane toddlers…thank you times a million, Cheyenne!

Callahan's 'Dragons Love Tacos' 3rd Birthday Party

How in the world do I have a 3-year-old?! We celebrated Callahan’s birthday at our home with a Dragons Love Tacos-themed pool party. We were blessed by the weather Gods again this year and had a great day! Thank you so much to our vendor friends who constantly blow me away!

Photography: Priscilla Green Photography
Cake: Wow Factor Cakes (crazy-insane doesn’t even begin to describe it!)
Linens: Party Tables
Rentals: Party Reflections
Stationery/napkins/cups/runners: Elisabeth-Rose (so good, every time!)
Catering: Dean & Deluca
Beer: Good Bottle (Legion Brewery’s Juicy Jay)
Icecream Truck: Buck’s Icecream (the biggest hit!)
Dragon wings/tails/garlands: Oriental Trading
Playset: Cedar Works

Row's Nursery

Now that Row is 16-months-old, I figured it was a good time to post about his nursery :). I don’t know what it is about my babies’ nurseries/rooms but I just absolutely love doing them. Having a second boy just shy of 19 months after my first, I wanted to be sure to make his nursery just as special as Callahan’s. I used the same crib and glider, but everything else was special for him! Thank you SO much to Katheryn Jeanne Photography for shooting our home. More coming from that in future posts!
See my inspiration post here to see how I brought this to reality!
Crib and Glider: Restoration Hardware
Wallpaper: Serena & Lily
Light and Dresser: Gabby Home via the ultimate interior designer Sarah Catherine Collective
Rug: One Kings Lane
Window Treatments: Custom by RecreateYour
Love Him Forever Sign: Etsy
Shark Head: Restoration Hardware
Knot ottoman/side table: Etsy
Laundry Basket: Serena & Lily

Row is named after Hutch’s grandfather. His parents gave us Woodrow’s report cards from the 1920s–how cool is that? I framed them and hung them in his room. I absolutely love items with meaning!

Row Turns 1

Quite literally…in the blink of an eye, my baby is 1. It feels like yesterday that I walked through the door of our home holding that little one. 8lb 3oz, 21 inches or pure sugar. This experience has been so night and day from Callahan. I had a very calm and planned birth. The feeling of holding your 2nd baby for the first time is so different than the first. I was relaxed. I knew what I was doing. And…(gulp), I enjoyed Row so much more than my first baby.

Yes, I said it. I enjoyed Row as a baby much more than I did Callahan. Callahan will always hold a different, and special, place in my heart. He made me a mama. He will always be the ‘first’ for everything in our family. He is wild, hilarious, smart and I adore him to the core. But, I didn’t appreciate him when he was a baby. I had a horrible birth experience, I slipped in to postpartum depression (not for long…but I did), and he rocked my world going from 0 to 1 baby overnight. I am fiercely independent (ask my husband and parents what happens if you try to ‘tell me what to do’), and this little being was now dictating my life. I had the nursery ready, clothing washed and every baby gadget ever made–but I was so unprepared to be a mom.

Flash to 2.5 years later–I absolutely LOVE being a mom to my wild Callahan (believe me, I never would have had a 2nd if I didn’t!). But Row changed me in a different, and much sweeter way. I soaked in the newborn snuggles, late night feedings, 2039402938 diaper changes. I smell him…all.the.time. I spend 15-20 minutes in his room when I get him up from naps because he is just so cute laughing in his crib. I napped with him. I documented all of his ‘firsts’ and tried not to brand him the ‘poor 2nd child’ that gets the shaft. I made him a beautiful nursery and even bought him new clothing. I am in no hurry for him to grow up. It’s such a different feeling and he really changed me as a mother. I needed him more than I knew. My 2 boys. I love them so much it actually hurts my heart when I think about it. So different, yet so alike. They’ll never know how much they both mean to me, in such different ways.

Row Davis…I love you so much sugar nugget bubba bear, BBE. You will always be my baby! Enjoy some beautiful photos of this special time in our life from Allison Kuhn Photography. Hair and makeup by my ultimate BL Lindsey Regan Thorne.
1st birthday pictures



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