We moved! Surprise!! This past week we moved and couldn’t be happier! If you’ve been following for a while, you know we listed our house late last year. We had multiple offers, but no where to go. I didn’t want to move twice with two small children, so we chickened out and stayed put.

It was still heavy on my heart to move (more on that later), so a few months went by and I emailed our agent. I told her it didn’t have to be today, tomorrow or even in 6 months but when the “right” house came along, we were ready to go. Well, talk about speaking something in to the universe-not even 1 week later our new, future house, hit the market. I emailed our agent to see it (Hutch was out of town but in this market, you have to act FAST!). I fell in love. I told Hutch to hurry and fly home-we went again the next day to see it together. We spent about an hour in the house, went home to think about it and put in an offer. Sure enough, another offer was in on the house that same day–hello bidding war. The next day we brought the kids to see if this REALLY felt right and was worth fighting for. When I saw the boys running up to the front door, that was it. As I’m sure you can guess, we won the war and went under contract. **(pictures are from the listing)**

Now we had to scramble to get Iverson (old home) on the market. We were going to Maui a few days later and my in laws were supposed to be at our house with the kids. Our agent wanted the house empty for brokers opens, showings etc-so literally the night before, we booked the kids flights with our nanny, Mandie who flew them up to New Jersey for us to stay at my in laws there. As much as we tried to enjoy Maui, we were anxious for Iverson to get an offer the ENTIRE trip. Day 6 on the market, we got an offer and the rest is history. A LOT of things had to fall in place (our sellers needed to sell their house etc), and I tried to tell myself if it’s meant to be, it will be–while really I was freaking out because I was so in love with the new house I was mentally already living there. God is so good and it ALL worked out for all parties. We feel so fortunate! Now the “why” we moved. There are a few reasons. I’ve heard 100 times that “we are crazy!” “Your house is perfect!” Etc. And it was great!! Call it my black heart, but it is just a house…it most certainly didn’t define me nor define my happiness. In fact, sometimes it was robbing me of it. It was too big, so much work, so much to clean, manage, deal with. I felt like there was someone constantly in my house doing “something”….I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but my house sort of annoyed me!! I think we did the opposite of what most people are currently doing, and we DOWNSIZED. We lost 1,200 square feet of space and I couldn’t be happier about it. Another reason was the neighborhood/area we were in. Dilworth will forever and always be the coolest ‘hood (in my humble opinion :)), but it was getting SO BUSY. We were scared for our kids to be outside of our gates because of traffic etc. We are only 5 minutes away but it feels like a different world somehow. Crime was also way up (as it is in a lot of places), but after I found an actual BULLET in my backyard (if you follow my stories, I was on the news!), that sealed the deal on “time to move”! There were just so many factors pointing me in the direction, I knew it was right. Now we live in a very old, 1936 home, that’s obviously been updated-but has so much charm and character. Completely different than our new-construction on Iverson. But here’s possibly the BEST part…we can WALK to preschool and church!!!! We already have tons of friends on the street, it’s super kid-friendly and truly already feel “at home”. There’s no doubt that this was the right decision for our family. The only thing we miss is the pool and our old neighbors-but we’ve got some great new ones! :).