Valeriano Orthodontics + My Braces

I’m 30, a mom of 2 young boys, and I got braces. Yup. I got full-blown, metal braces! Let me back track for a minute…

The “Why?”
I’ve never had braces. My teeth have always been a little crooked, but truly I never cared and always thought it added character to my smile and face. If you know me, I actually prefer things asymmetric and mismatched in my every day + wedding planning life–so this made sense too. Then I got pregnant with Callahan. My teeth shifted a bit.

Then I got pregnant again. My teeth shifted a LOT. During my 1st trimester with Row’s pregnancy, I was sitting on a plane coming home from Tampa, FL (I had a client down there), and was eating popcorn. I was (super politely) picking my teeth for kernels once finished, and felt something really hard in the back of my mouth. It wouldn’t come out no matter how hard I picked at it. Finally, I realized it was a TOOTH. A tooth?? My wisdom teeth had come in! Off to the dentist I went. Indeed, I was right, and there it was. After 29 years, my wisdom tooth decided to come in during my pregnancy as a rare/odd side effect of the hormone surges my body was going through. Yay! Since I was pregnant, there was nothing we could do except monitor it.

Flash forward to Row being 9-months-old, I finally got my wisdom teeth removed. But in the (almost) 18 months that I had them pushing my teeth, things got a little more ‘crooked’ than they were previously. I talked to my dentist and she suggested I go and talk to some Orthodontists as they will only get worse and my bite was way off.

After 2 pregnancies and focusing very little on ‘me’ for the past 3 years–I decided it was time to treat myself and give this a whirl. As moms, we don’t have to sacrifice everything for our kids–we need to be happy and healthy too! I am so glad I decided to go for it.

The “Who?”
I went to a couple of different recommended consultations to get an idea of how this all worked and seek out the correct office and doctor for me.  With out question, I felt immediately welcomed and taken care of at Valeriano Orthodontics. From the moment I walked in to the office, I felt like the entire staff cared, and would take great care of me. Plus, a lot of them had braces themselves which was reassuring. They’re conveniently located in Foxcroft/Southpark area. This was super important to me as a busy mom of 2 little ones. Knowing I would have to go relatively often, I wanted something close by. The entire experience during my consultation sold me on the practice. I knew I was ready to take the next step with them.

The “What?”

During my consultation, I learned a lot of things. First, I quickly learned of the two main options: traditional metal braces vs. Invisalign.

Invisalign is the ultimate in terms of aesthetic treatment options. They use custom molded clear trays to move your teeth to the ideal position. Because they are removable, patient compliance is extremely important with aligners. Invisalign is a terrific option for working professionals or patients seeking a discrete solution to improve their smile.

Dr. Valeriano is certified Invisalign Premier Providers, so he can use his expertise to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment choice for you.

While I (obviously) chose metal braces as the right fit for me, I’d highly recommend Dr. Valeriano for Invisalign treatment as well. While more and more dentists are offering it, I would fully trust a professional Orthodonist for this type of treatment. You don’t let your dentist do your Botox, do you? And you wouldn’t go to your Primary Care doctor for a nose job, so why wouldn’t you want a specialist making you a beautiful smile? Same theory here–this is what they are TRAINED to do.

I ended up going with metal braces for a few reasons. Mostly–my lifestyle. I know myself. The option to take the retainers out with Invisalign would have been my own personal demise. I’m not responsible enough to put them back in! Knowing that braces would be cemented to my mouth and I couldn’t ‘forget’ (as I am chasing around my 2 little boys!) was very reassuring that we would get it done, and get it done right. I’m really happy with my choice for metal braces.  More specifically, Dr. Valeriano offers the Damon System.

The Damon System bracket is self-ligating, so it eliminates the need for elastic ties to keep the wire in. Without a tie, the braces stay clean and friction is reduced allowing your treatment to progress more efficiently and with less discomfort along the way.

I also chose to go with full metal vs. clear brackets. I drink a lot of coffee and red wine and did not want to have to worry about what I ate staining them. It was an easy decision for me (again, given my lifestyle). My treatment should take 11-13 months.

I can’t recommend Dr. Valeriano and his team enough–I’ll update you about half way through on how the treatment is going. So far, so good! And hey…maybe I’ll even get ID’d the next time I try to order a drink :).


Row Turns 1

Quite literally…in the blink of an eye, my baby is 1. It feels like yesterday that I walked through the door of our home holding that little one. 8lb 3oz, 21 inches or pure sugar. This experience has been so night and day from Callahan. I had a very calm and planned birth. The feeling of holding your 2nd baby for the first time is so different than the first. I was relaxed. I knew what I was doing. And…(gulp), I enjoyed Row so much more than my first baby.

Yes, I said it. I enjoyed Row as a baby much more than I did Callahan. Callahan will always hold a different, and special, place in my heart. He made me a mama. He will always be the ‘first’ for everything in our family. He is wild, hilarious, smart and I adore him to the core. But, I didn’t appreciate him when he was a baby. I had a horrible birth experience, I slipped in to postpartum depression (not for long…but I did), and he rocked my world going from 0 to 1 baby overnight. I am fiercely independent (ask my husband and parents what happens if you try to ‘tell me what to do’), and this little being was now dictating my life. I had the nursery ready, clothing washed and every baby gadget ever made–but I was so unprepared to be a mom.

Flash to 2.5 years later–I absolutely LOVE being a mom to my wild Callahan (believe me, I never would have had a 2nd if I didn’t!). But Row changed me in a different, and much sweeter way. I soaked in the newborn snuggles, late night feedings, 2039402938 diaper changes. I smell him…all.the.time. I spend 15-20 minutes in his room when I get him up from naps because he is just so cute laughing in his crib. I napped with him. I documented all of his ‘firsts’ and tried not to brand him the ‘poor 2nd child’ that gets the shaft. I made him a beautiful nursery and even bought him new clothing. I am in no hurry for him to grow up. It’s such a different feeling and he really changed me as a mother. I needed him more than I knew. My 2 boys. I love them so much it actually hurts my heart when I think about it. So different, yet so alike. They’ll never know how much they both mean to me, in such different ways.

Row Davis…I love you so much sugar nugget bubba bear, BBE. You will always be my baby! Enjoy some beautiful photos of this special time in our life from Allison Kuhn Photography. Hair and makeup by my ultimate BL Lindsey Regan Thorne.
1st birthday pictures



Tampa Yacht & Country Club Wedding: Megan + Tyler

megan_tyler-25Megan+Tyler were married this past Spring at Tampa Yacht and Country Club in Florida. I got a Facebook Message from Tyler just a couple of days after he and Megan got engaged–we went to college together, but I had never met Megan. He told me his new fiancee loved my work and wanted to know if I’d plan their wedding? Absolutely! I do love a good destination wedding (for me, anyways). It was so much fun spending the year with them. Megan’s ultimate goal was to make the Yacht Club NOT look like the Yacht Club–she grew up in Tampa and had been to countless events there. Well, we draped the entire thing in white, covered most of the carpet with white carpeting and people couldn’t believe it was the same venue. It was so much fun to transform it! Thank you for trusting in me to come from Charlotte to create your dream day! Miss you bunches! xo

Church: Hyde Park United Methodist
Photography: Kallima Photography (they were SO fun!)
Videography: Savannah Wedding Films
Catering: Tampa Yacht & Country Club
Cake: Chocolate Pi
Invitations: Elisabeth-Rose
Flowers: Artistry Design
Draping+Lighting: Swag Decor
Furniture/Bars/Linens/Chairs: Nuage Designs
Band: Deaz-Guys
megan_tyler-44 megan_tyler-49 megan_tyler-177 megan_tyler-192 megan_tyler-294 megan_tyler-311 megan_tyler-347 megan_tyler-348 megan_tyler-356 megan_tyler-361 megan_tyler-363 megan_tyler-383 megan_tyler-409 megan_tyler-490 megan_tyler-518 megan_tyler-685 megan_tyler-713 megan_tyler-842 megan_tyler-843 megan_tyler-844 megan_tyler-850 megan_tyler-852 megan_tyler-857 megan_tyler-859 megan_tyler-861 megan_tyler-870 megan_tyler-885 megan_tyler-886 megan_tyler-894 megan_tyler-895 megan_tyler-896 megan_tyler-899 megan_tyler-901 megan_tyler-902 megan_tyler-962 megan_tyler-964 megan_tyler-967 megan_tyler-970 megan_tyler-976 megan_tyler-979 megan_tyler-981 megan_tyler-982 megan_tyler-990 megan_tyler-991 megan_tyler-993 megan_tyler-1020 megan_tyler-1269 megan_tyler-1271 megan_tyler-1299 megan_tyler-1373 megan_tyler-1517 megan_tyler-1538



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