It has been one week since I launched my new brand/website in its entirety and I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the love and support. Y’all are awesome. Amidst the outpouring of support, the #1 question I’ve received (after the ‘you’re crazy, how do you do all of this with 2 kids etc.’–the answer is that my nanny is sent from Heaven and my husband is #1) has been, “So why did you change the name of the company from Come+Together Events?”. Great question.
KatrinaHutchinsEventsLogoOnColorJPEGAs a business owner, a lot more goes in to our little worlds than just our ‘work’. With out fail, almost every single time I meet someone new and they ask what I do for a living, their response is “OMG that must be SO FUN!”. And it is, sometimes. Most of the time, I am right behind a computer screen and on the phone in my office like any other ‘job’. The other 5% of my job is client-facing doing ‘fun’ things like cake tastings and florals. But that 95%…it is a lot of WORK. Part of that work is running and managing the actual business. This is where my masters degree and previous background in the corporate world has really helped.
KatrinaHutchinsEventsHorizontalLogoDenimOrangeJPEGOver the years I have tracked where I get referrals, what people are Googling (side note: it is crazy that Googling is an actual verb) to find me and where it’s all coming from (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.). Overwhelmingly, my analytic reports were showing people searching for “Katrina Hutchins”. Not “Come Together Events”. Clients were finding me mainly through Instagram (where I mostly posted pictures of my kids, vacations, home and food). Say what?? I’ve also diligently tracked and paid attention to the posts that receive the most attention. They’re always my personal posts. Putting two and two together–people were looking for ME…not CTE.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.30.29 AMSo that is where the initial idea came to re-brand. After years of watching these trends, it was time. But I was nervous to pull the trigger. In my initial consultation call with Emily McCarthy (can’t recommend her enough!), we had a pretty quick discussion on the topic. She immediately suggested I change the name. It was now or never since we were going through this entire process regardless. I was sold. And so, Katrina Hutchins Events was born.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.32.46 AMEmily was able to create my logo and branding ROUND ONE. She sent it over while I was actually on vacation in Aruba and I loved it. But…it couldn’t be that easy right? So I had her send me 3 more rounds….and back to round 1 we went. Sort of like when a bride tries on that first dress, and ends up going back to it after trying 40 more. She really listened to what I had to say, what I loved, what I felt like was my personal style. She nailed it. I am so thrilled with my re-brand and feel that is represents myself and how my work has progressed over the last five years!
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.34.10 AM