We’ve made it. And I truly don’t say that lightly, and with out being thankful and understanding how blessed we are that we are full term with this sweet boy. In the past few weeks my Sister-in-Law delivered her baby boy at just 26 weeks (he’s a fighter–keep praying for Mighty Mason! I think about this boy all day every day, I can’t imagine what his parents are going through!), I’ve heard of premature-infant-death and a few friends have let me know of unfortunate miscarriages. Please pray for all of them. As physically miserable as I am right now, I can not imagine the pain and suffering that these strong mamas are going through and my heart goes out to all of them–and to all of the moms who have suffered through any of it. I can barely walk, I am literally in tears with my pelvic pain and I just don’t know how my belly can get ANY bigger (although I know it will)–but through it all, I know that I’d rather take the brunt of pain than our sweet boy, so I’m hanging in there.

**Just a plug for Mighty Mason. If you want to follow along with his journey, you can find it HERE.Ā  My sister-in-law, Elisha, diligently updates it every night. Her strength and positivity during this is astonishing to me. I know I could never hold up like she is (and her husband too!). We are so proud of them! Mason was just transferred to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) to undergo a brain surgery today. They are guessing he will be there at least 1 month. If you are interested in donating to help during this tough period, please go HERE to their Go Fund Me page.Ā  Elisha and Chris have also set up a March of Dimes page if you’d like to donate to that! Thanks so much! Hang in there, Mason!
Just a few short days to go. A few very short days as a ‘family of 3’–a family with just our precious first born. Life has changed so much for us in the past 2 years and now it’s going to change again. I am feeling so very blessed when I think about all of it. We’ve gotten pregnant (the first time), built a house, moved, gotten pregnant again, continued in our careers, traveled, laughed, cried, fought, made up, grown, humbled ourselves, grew some more, made new friends, lost old ones, made mistakes, made things right, slept less, changed 304982 diapers, made 2394802834 bottles, and our hearts grew more than we ever knew possible. I just hope they can continue to stretch with our second boy. I don’t know how it is possible to love this much for a second child, but I have been assured that you do :). We can’t wait to meet you Baby Boy Hutch #2! We love you. Here’sĀ  my top 10 of the month!

1. The nursery is ALMOST done. I have just about everything but just waiting on his window treatments. I’ll post some pictures when it’s complete!
2. I scheduled our newborn photos with Lindsay Thalinger Photography. A good friend used her and I loved them–she’s coming to us at the house to shoot the family as well šŸ™‚
3. I have stacked Callahan’s schedule with some new activities (in addition to school MWF), so he has things to do to get him out of the house. It will save all of our sanity. Any other ‘summer toddler’ ideas are welcome! I know our nanny would appreciate it too! Speaking of Cal–his new nanny started last week! We need more full time help now that we’ll have 2 (and one won’t be in school!). Our wonderful old nanny actually went to work for a friend of mine so I know she’s still close by and in good new hands :).
4. In true-planner-form, I have already done both boy’s Easter Baskets and have everything ready (outfits included) to celebrate their holiday! Not that they’ll ever remember…but I will :). Plus I want a cute picture of them together on their first holiday (hopefully with Cal NOT trying to kill his brother…).
5. I am having a scheduled c-section (I had a VERY bad vaginal birth with Cal-so we are NOT repeating that again!), and realized I’m a little nervous about it. It’s a MAJOR surgery and I know recovery varies person-to-person. I am praying it all goes really well (please pray too!). Any advice–shoot me an email at katrina@cometogetherevents.com! I’d appreciate it! I just ordered this and hoping it helps…Just had a thought of finding something to minimize the scar…(help!).

6. My mom is coming in to town for the first week, then the CFO’s parents are coming and then my Dad is rolling through–looking forward to seeing family (as chaotic as it will be!).
7. Hutch and Cal flew up to see Mighty Mason 2 weeks ago, and it gave me 2 uninterrupted (minus going pee every 20 seconds) days to NEST. I got a LOT done–tons of laundry, hanging clothes, putting diapers away etc. It was a nice little break (under very unfortunate circumstances). I was so glad for these boys to be home, missed them! I also may have Amazon-Primed my limit as I thought of things I needed (oops).
8. A few of my friends have asked me to make sure to send out the Meal Train for this baby–this made me really excited because with Cal we had about 10 straight weeks of dinners either sent or brought to us!! Not only is food-not-made-by-me fantastic, but getting to see everyone is SO fun. I’m excited! My good friend Elisabeth took the reigns from me on this–I am so glad she did šŸ™‚
9. Our new house is 3 stories…and as I started to really think about logistics of caring for a newborn and a toddler– I got nervous (especially while recovering from a c-section!). SO, I have basically stacked this house with more baby gear on each floor than I ever knew imaginable. I have changing stations on each floor (4 total–2 in the boy’s rooms, 1 on the first floor and 1 in their playroom in the basement). Each has diapers, wipes, diaper cream, Boogie Wipes, onesies, changing pad liners, burp cloths and bibs. I have swings, and some sort of ‘seat’ (Rock n’ Play, Mamaroo, Boppy, etc.) on every floor. I have activity gyms on each floor. And last but certainly NOT least–I even have bottle/pumping stations on 2 floors (kitchen and the laundry room upstairs). I have 3 pumps total now, 2 bottle warmers, tons of extra pump parts, Medela wipes, Medela soap, and 2 bottle warmers . Double everything. Literally STACKED. I ran this all by the CFO and we both agreed this will alleviate a fight at 2am when we are more than sleep-deprived. (and hopefully drive me to try harder with the ole’ breast feeding ‘thing’)..totally worth all of the extra work I put in to it! Or…maybe I overdid it (probably the latter). šŸ™‚ I am hoping it was worth it as I don’t have to haul a newborn, toddler, 2 dogs AND some sort of Boppy or something up and down stairs every day!
10. Really excited to announce his name and show his face for the first time–I am giddy to see what he looks and acts like! šŸ™‚ (ANY possible way he’ll be blonde with blue eyes??!)

And one last set of bump pics! Thought it’d be fun to do it from all angles and here is a comparison with Cal at 38 weeks (which do you think is bigger?!). I’m up 20lbs (gained 1 more than with Cal!), feeling big but grateful. Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and kind words–next up, we’ll have a baby! šŸ™‚ x0