Today marks the official 5 week countdown (I am 34 weeks, but having a c-section at 39 weeks). I can’t believe we’re so close to meeting our little man #2! Yesterday we had a housewarming/baby celebration (not sure what to exactly call it…) and it made it that much more real that this baby is coming–and soon! Here is my top 10 of the month!

1. The party! I am SO exhausted but it was SO fun. I’ll share more pictures from it soon :).
2. I have just a few things left to do…like get his going home from the hospital hat monogrammed, his Easter basket monogrammed (and fill both boys’ baskets well before my due date otherwise it won’t get done!), get a few more items for the nursery and then I should be all set! We’re getting so excited!
3. The nursery is just about finished…waiting on his window treatments to be made/arrive. They will look like this but with grey trim–can’t wait to see them installed!
4. And speaking of window treatments–the playroom Roman shades are in and I LOVE them. *Note: Shout out to the CFO for installing these among so many other things around the new house. Jack of all trades!
5. And speaking of window treatments…here is the wallpaper in the playroom. Me and Cal both screamed when we saw it (literally!). I found this paper online and couldn’t find it anywhere but Paris, France–so I went ahead and imported it. Totally worth it.
6. Kristin Byrum was nice enough to come and take some maternity pictures in the nursery before our party yesterday–she is a doll. I can’t wait to see them :). I even got to get all pretty courtesy of Sabrina with the Be Pretty team!
7. I’m going to try ‘a bit’ harder to breast feed this time. I had such a traumatic and unexpected birth injury with Callahan, that I was VERY quick to throw in the towel despite producing a ton of milk–it was just too much for me to handle all at once. I’m going to give it the ole’ college try this time around…now that I wrote it down, I have some accountability, right?
8. Cal needs a haircut. I am still protesting. Where should we take him? Hutch might kill me if he gets called a ‘girl’ one more time.
9. Callahan is also getting tubes put in his ears–on February 29th. This is a MUST to check off the list before the baby comes. He has had 3 ear infections in less than 2 months, so it’s time. Please say prayers, I’m sure he’ll do great!
10. Any suggestions for activities with toddlers would be awesome–trying to soak up these last few weeks as just a family of “3” :).

And here I am…34 weeks. Large and in charge. My back and pelvis are just about done…but hoping to hang in until my scheduled c-section! I’m up 16lbs…definitely going to gain more than I did with Cal (only 19).