Time is just flying. As I type this I have AROUND 62-ish days until another little one is gracing us with his presence. I feel like I’ve been as proactive as humanly possibly lately…which is good, since I know soon I’ll be way too big to be proactively doing just about anything. Let’s recap month 7.

1. I finally caved and bought some maternity clothing. Literally NOTHING was fitting so I hit up Target–they have some decently cute stuff! I’m so much happier in my new shirts and sweaters that don’t show half of my belly….

2. Baby Boy Hutch 2’s room is really coming together nicely! Wallpaper is actually going in TODAY as we speak, bedding is here, bookshelf is in, accessories have been ordered/some are here. Sarah Catherine of SC Collective ordered the dresser and light fixture (can’t wait to see them)
….I need to figure out window treatments and then we’re just about there! ALL of the shutters for the house are coming on the 28th but I plan on doing panels/cornices in both of the boys’ rooms as well. I got Cal a new chair for his room so I can swipe his glider (shhhh don’t tell him) for the new baby.  It’s just a simple chair that I’ll dress up with a blanket and his pillow already in existence!

3. I can’t stop eating cookies.

4. We’re hosting a little housewarming/baby celebration on Valentine’s Day so I really need to plan that…invites are out thanks to Elisabeth-Rose!

5. Random/super odd thing that has happened to me…my WISDOM TOOTH is coming in! How strange is that?! At my last visit it was WAY up there (I still have 3 of them) and now the top left one is coming through! I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago and they said it’s harmless but laughed that pregnancy can really do anything to you–and by ‘you’, I mean ‘ME’…name any odd symptom, I’ll most likely get it.

6. On that note, my SPD is back in full force and I’m in a lot of pain.

7. I MUST plan maternity photos. Like, yesterday. On the list of to-dos! Cheyenne of The Schultzes captured all of my ‘pregnancy’ moments with Cal but she just had the sweetest baby, Grey…so I’ll have to go bug someone else :).

8. I am VERY happy to report that the big-boy-bed transition for Cal has gone really well! (I hope I’m not jinxing it!) He loves his bed and is really proud to show it to anyone who asks. He climbs right in and out all by himself. He goes to sleep just as normally as he did in the crib and we wake up to him playing with his nightlight, riding his elephant or reading himself books every morning. It’s quite hilarious.
This nightlight is awesome. I highly recommend it for kids! He really loves it!

9. I have severe sciatic pain down my left leg…any good remedies? It’s hard to walk!

10. We’ve started to tell Cal about his ‘baby brother’ who is coming–he knows that his room is next to his and runs in there when we ask him to show us ‘baby brother’s room’. He runs up to the crib and says ‘hi hi hi hi hi hi!’–it’s cute :).
And here is the bump at 30 weeks! Up 15 lbs…and not sure how I’m going to make it full-term. I am getting VERY uncomfortable already, but I know he needs to hang in there!