I made it through the holidays while pregnant. That is no easy feat. I also hosted 8 people at my brand-new house (read: no furniture, window treatments and we’re all lucky we had towels). Let’s do a recap of month 6!

1. I thought being pregnant in the Winter months would be so much better than my late August delivery with Callahan. I was wrong. I hate being pregnant this time of year. The clothing is so much more difficult and uncomfortable. At least in the summer I could just wear dress after dress after dress. Now, I am struggling to find clothing between my two pairs of leggings and one pair of jeans. Hate it.
2. I got a rug for the baby’s room! I thought I wanted this one… But the $795 price tag was throwing me for a loop. As a second-time mom, I know what will get on that rug. LUCKILY I found this one while perusing my usual home-shopping sites and at half the cost, I was SOLD!
Now I’ve got to figure out what to do for window treatments….
3. The CFO and I made a special trip to get him a going-home outfit from the hospital. REALLY trying to make sure we keep things just as special for this little guy! I’m sure it’s very easy to get ALL of the hand-me-downs from the big brother (which…he will get a LOT of!). Kept it simple and sweet…and I’ll monogram the hat :).
4. On that note…we decided to do a housewarming/baby celebration party! He certainly will not be getting a baby shower like the prince did (see it HERE), but we want to definitely acknowledge him in a smaller way with friends and family alike. Now I just have to plan that….eep.
5. It has also really dawned on us that we just don’t have time to do a babymoon…which makes us a little sad. The holidays threw a wrench in timing of things so we’ll have to forgo it this time! We did go to Aruba during my 1st trimester…so I guess that counts :).
6. Getting more and more in to having 2 boys–it’s so fun designing things with them in mind. Their playroom has been a little ‘pet project’ of mine since moving in. Oddly, the boys’ bedrooms and playroom will be the first rooms done in the house. The master bedroom will probably be last! Here is the inspiration behind their playroom–lots of color and no pink allowed!
7. I ordered Cal’s big-boy-bed so we can hopefully transition him in to it BEFORE we have a newborn to deal with as well. I’ve talked to tons of moms who have successfully done this, not to mention he is really just getting too big for his crib. Praying he is ready. I got this one for him in a full-size:
I also got really cute grey/orange bedding from Restoration Hardware and this adorable wallpaper in ‘Bone’ from Serena and Lily! All coming early January and I can’t wait to see his ‘new room’! Then I can really start to get BBH #2’s room ready.
8. I closed out my 2015 wedding season this month and don’t have another wedding until after the baby comes. LOTS of planning between now and then but thankful for the break on the weekends (so is my husband). Being on your feet for 16+++ hours in a day while pregnant is very tough! I’m sure I’ll be so excited to get back to it after he is born though!
9. I have my glucose test today. Wish me luck (please pray my cookie habit hasn’t done me wrong!).
10. We are trying to figure out what to do with Callahan once the new baby is here. He is SO active that we’re worried about those first few months. We are looking in to more full-time school options for him while our wonderful nanny is here with the new baby. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

And here is the bump! Up 11lbs now and feeling every single bit of it.