One of my favorite times of the year occurs when I open up my mailbox to find holiday cards! This year, I was worried with our move that we’d miss out on a lot of them going to our old address, so I decided to get a jump on it and do a Thanksgiving card vs. Christmas with our change of address. Allison of Allison Kuhn Photography graciously took time out of her already busy schedule (she’s a really good photographer if you didn’t already know) to shoot us while our house was under construction. And of course, LRT of Be Pretty came over to make me beautiful and cover up my pregnancy acne. Love you two to the moon. Here is our card and some other pictures–Callahan was being AWFUL and was signing ‘more’ the entire time for food. Beast-mode. All day. Still amazed and love how they turned out :).
And here is the house–almost done! We’re in now…still a LOT to do but loving it!