Adventures with Baby Hutch 2: Month 4

Month 4–woohoo! Finally feeling better. The 2nd trimester is so much better than the first. Just like last time…the top 10 thoughts of the month below!

1. Being pregnant with a toddler running around is a lot harder than with out one. I used to be able to nap at my leisure, sit down and rest…binge-watch Law & Order. Those were the days. They’re gone. Now Callahan wants to table-surf all day and throw things incessantly. First-time-moms…enjoy the quiet.
2. I have had bad acne again this time around. I’ve been getting facials with Priti at Le Petit Spa (also where I get my waxing done) and my skin is much improved. I’m on a totally new skin care regiment too since I turned 29 and realized 30 is quickly approaching (and so are my wrinkles).
3. Waking up to go to the bathroom a lot still…and a lot all day. Worse this time around!
4.  Maternity clothing is in full-force. I have to unfortunately get a new wardrobe since I am pregnant at the exact OPPOSITE time as last year. Still wearing a lot of dresses, but as soon as it cools down I will have to head to the stores…
5. Round ligament pains are also in full-force. Along with some sciatic pain and tailbone pain. Month 9 should feel awesome.
6. I have felt movement for a few weeks already-which is nuts. I think I have another storm brewing in there and my dream of a ‘calm baby’ may never come true….
7. Callahan has 0 concept of the whole ‘brother’ thing…he’s too young.
8. A lot of people have told me that I am going to LOVE having 2 boys–which makes me even more excited about it!
9. My #1 craving this time has been lemonade…I’ve had to curb that habit because that is NOT good for you! I still indulge in the cookies though. Give me all the cookies.
10. I’ve started to think of some things that I will need double of…any advice would be much appreciated!

First purchase I’ve made is similar to the first purchase I made with Cal–the stroller. We’re obsessed with our Bugaboo so I went that route (after some confirmation from friends with the duo stroller!) for the Bugaboo Donkey Duo in Royal Blue (now my strollers are Gator colors–orange and blue! Did that on purpose.). We love the versatility of these strollers and hopefully the Duo does not disappoint!
I’m hoping to get Cal in to a big-boy bed around 18 months (someone please tell me that is do-able), and then reuse the crib for Baby Boy Hutch #2. I am even toying with the idea of reupholstering the sides of it. I know I can rely on our amazing interior designer Sarah Catherine to help me out here! I have no idea what I’m going to do for his nursery but I want to make it as special as the first!
I have been painfully suffering with terrible migraines lately (I did with Cal too but they seem worse this time around). I was on a 7-day-streak and at my wits end. I texted my Pilates instructor to let her know why I hadn’t been coming in and she rushed over with Essential Oils. My mom is a doctor, truthfully I don’t believe in this stuff. I am all about scientific-based medicine (which you mostly can NOT take during pregnancy). You guys, she rubbed these on me and my headache was GONE within minutes. Needless to say I overnight UPS-emergency-shipped these bad boys and am a total believer.
And here is a 16 week picture of the bump! Much bigger than last time, feeling lots of movement and loving it. Up 2lbs since my last weigh in and loving this sweet boy already.

Adventures with Baby Hutch 2: Month 3

Thank you all so much again for the outpouring of love and congratulations! I am so happy the cat is out of the bag because I am already showing BIG TIME and it’s been super hard to keep it under wraps! I’m going to try as hard as possible to do things the same for #2 as I did for #1 (sorry you didn’t get a cool announcement video BBH #2!), so here are the top 10 questions I’ve received in the last day or so!

1. How/When did you find out?
July 24th–the day before Cal turned 11 months. We were definitely ‘trying’ so finding out was certainly not as big of a surprise. A few months had passed with no success so I actually had my thyroid checked by my doctor just to be sure everything was OK with me. He said I was fine and he’d be shocked if I wasn’t pregnant very soon. I sort of put it all aside and trusted that God had a plan and I needed to ‘let it go’.  A few weeks later, it was a Friday afternoon (I was due for my monthly the next day–by the way, there is no ‘nice’ way to say that-ha!) and Hutch and I had planned to go to happy hour with one of our friends. Cal and I went for our usual 4pm walk together through Uptown and stopped to see Dad. We chatted about happy hour, how we couldn’t wait to have a cocktail (or 2…or 3) and then Cal and I went on our way and Dad went back to work for 1 more hour until it was time to start the weekend. On my very short walk back to our condo, I had a weird feeling. Something deep in my gut told me to just pop in to Rite Aid (right next to our condo) and buy a test before I get my Tito’s+soda on.  I casually got my test, said ‘hello’ to our friends who work there (they love Cal) and headed up to our condo. I actually got in to our condo and forgot about the test–it was sitting in the bottom of the stroller and I was busy chasing Cal around making sure he didn’t kill the dogs (as usual). After a few minutes the light bulb went off and I went to the bathroom. Boom. 2 lines. FAST–just like last time. HOLY MOLY. This time Hutch wasn’t home, so I had to think VERY fast on how to tell him. I decided to hide the test in one of Cal’s toys and show Hutch Cal’s new ‘trick’ with the toy…once he opened it up, the test was in there and he was SHOCKED. Needless to say, happy hour was cancelled-in the very best way :).
2. Will you be doing weekly pregnancy updates?
Nope. Didn’t last time, won’t this time. I will still try to do a monthly update like last time–I want this pregnancy and baby to be just as special as the first!

3. When are you due?
Somewhere around the middle of March–not 100% sure because I will have a scheduled c-section due to my labor experience with Callahan.
4. What’s his name?
No clue! And we won’t announce it until he is born again :).

5. How have you been feeling?
Terrible. Again. I SO envy you mamas that have fabulously easy pregnancies. This is truly not my strong suit. So tired, throwing up, acne…you name it. This has been no different than the first. I have not lost the significant amount of weight like I did with Cal. I have lost 1lb as of today…vs I think it was 9lbs with Cal. For anyone I have been MIA with or ‘short-tempered’–I am sorry! My poor, poor husband–he is the best.

6. Did you want another boy?
I’ve gone back and forth on wanting 2 boys (I honestly related better to them as I have never played with a doll in my entire life) but usually landed on thinking I wanted one of each–funny enough up until about a week before we found out I felt this way. The day before we found out, at my bible study, we talked about being willful and trying to make our own plans in life. It was really at that very moment, in that very bible study, where I decided that it wasn’t up to me, and a healthy baby (regardless of gender) was all that mattered, and I was silly for even caring. When I opened up the results and saw “BOY”, I truly felt nothing but joy–because right next to it were the HEALTHY results we had been praying for. Hutch was so worried that I was going to be sad, but I wasn’t at all! HE was actually sort of sad (just for a minute really). Truly, we are over joyed and can’t wait for these brothers to meet each other! Plus–I remain the queen of this castle 🙂

7. Will you try for a 3rd?
Nope. 🙂 (never say never I suppose…but the plan is for 2) IF we go for a 3rd, it’s for a 3rd child–not for the hope of a girl.

8. How did you tell your family?
I told my parents over the phone and we told Hutch’s parents at CLT’s airport as we left for Aruba. Speaking of Aruba–I was SICK the entire time. One whole day I didn’t even leave the hotel room–so sad! We told all of our siblings over the phone as well!

9. How far apart will the boys be?
20 months! 2 under 2–I know we’re crazy.
10. How did you find out the gender so early?
Our doctor had us do the Panorama test–which was new since we had Cal. It’s so fun knowing this early!

That’s it for now…hoping I’ll be able to get it together for Month 4 update! I’ll leave you with a bump shot-only 15 weeks along, down 1lb (much better than last time!) and showing MUCH sooner this time! xo


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