How has this sweet boy been with us for more than 7 months now? Crazy to think he was still inside of me longer than he’s been on the outside. We almost forget about what life was like before him (almost). I’d be lying to say I don’t miss and long for the days when I could go to cocktail hour with girlfriends on a Tuesday or Hutch and I could just run out to dinner on a whim on a Thursday. But, we have gained so much more. Callahan is the light of our life.  Around 6 months, we took some pictures amongst the peach blossoms with the very talented Kristin Byrum Photography. We had so much fun and just love how they’ve turned out. Thank you guys so much! Makeup by LRT of Be Pretty :). Callahan-you are the happiest, sweetest, craziest little boy and we just love you so much. Thank you for making me a mama, buddy.