It’s no secret that I won’t be winning Pinterest-mom-of-the-year any time soon. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to pregnancy and babies…I’m hoping some sort of maternal instinct kicks in once he’s here! I’ve spent the last 8 months texting friends or calling my mom when I have a random inquiry, and attending doctor appointments with no questions other than “can I eat raw sushi?” (the answer is ‘yes’, by the way). At my shower I spent an hour opening gifts that I didn’t really know the use for (despite registering for them). I asked my mom if I could dry-clean some of the nicer outfits for the baby and a few days later 2 books arrived about raising babies (yikes–the answer is ‘no’, by the way). However, if there is one thing that I hold dear to my heart it is preserving memories. I love pictures, videos, books etc. I’ve always been one to scrapbook growing up, so I knew I had to find a perfect baby book to continue my (only-Pinterest-worthy) tradition.

Cue searching for baby books. Man, there are some bad ones. I’m really not in to everything being baby blue or baby pink, and certainly don’t like the cartoon-y graphics all over all-things-baby. After searching long and hard, I had given up hope. But then…I found IT.

Enter Mushybooks. I felt like I had won the lottery when I stumbled upon this website.  First of all, Lelsey (the owner) wins my heart with her branding. Clean, simple–love it. Second, I am all about some small business owners. I couldn’t survive with out people supporting me, so I love to support other SBOs too. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I’d pretty much bet you won’t find a cuter baby book out there!

Lesley so graciously allowed me to review the book and is offering my readers a 10% discount on all orders through August 31st with the discount code TOGETHER10. Go to Mushybooks and check out her other designs and get yours today! Here are my thoughts on this adorable keepsake:
First of all, you open the box to the adorable and simple packaging. An all-white, super clean cover with just two pressed in baby feet grace the cover. Below is the back of the book. One more thing I love is that this isn’t a big, thick binder that takes up a lot of room!
I chose the “Dreamcatcher” theme for Baby Boy Hutch’s baby book. If I could, I would have one of each. They’re all really adorable. Check out her other themes HERE.
The pages are nice and thick, great quality (I’m a sucker for paper) and peppered with cute (but not cheesy!) graphics fit to each book’s theme.
The book has the traditional pages for growth charts, ‘firsts’, and let’s you document your baby’s life month-by-month.
It even has adorable inserts like this envelope for your baby’s first locks from their first haircut!
I am so excited about my Mushybook and can’t wait to start preserving memories in it! Make sure to order one for yourself today and don’t forget the discount code for a 10% savings through August 31st (TOGETHER10). These are also an amazing shower gift for other moms-to-be! Thank you, Lesley, for such an amazing book that I will treasure!