A (few) day(s) late and a dollar short…month 7 was a busy one! I cannot believe that ‘next month’ we’re having a baby…I’ll attempt not to panic now. Top 10 of the month:

1. On June 22nd, a group of family and friends gathered to spoil our baby boy at my baby shower! Cheyenne from The Schultzes ever-so-graciously shot the shower, so I’ll spare you with only a few iPhone photos for now :). It was such a great day at The Duke Mansion, and we are so thankful for all of the love and support as we journey to parenthood. A full recap to come…but here are a few little ‘details’ that Melissa from Atheneum Creative (she really is beyond creative!) put together for it! Her gift to me were these awesome onsies–how hilarious are these?!

2. The nursery is coming along! I find myself finding any excuse to go in to that room to ‘tinker’. Truly the only ‘complete’ item I have is my teepee…which is super practical for newborns…
I love the stools I got from Serena & Lily, I’m using them as side tables next to my glider. The teepee was a gift from LRT off the registry from The Land of Nod! I accessorized it with this adorable heirloom lion blanket (Baby Boy Hutch will be a Leo if he’s born on/near his due date!), a “Ragamuffin” pennant flag (I can quickly see this becoming his little nickname!), and a Happy Flags garland. I have received at least 30 blankets (hooray!), so I purchased this basket to store them next to the glider. His dresser came in and I love, love, love it. Waiting for his changing pad cover and then this will be all set! Lastly I got this giant orange lion head to go above the wall where his crib is–can you tell Etsy has been my best friend in this process?
There’s definitely one guy excited to hang with his new brother in the teepee! He runs under it at every chance he has. Melts me.
There has been SOME practical stuff happening in that room. Recently, I nested like a mad woman and did some major drawer organization. I love these drawer dividers from The Container Store (cheap and cute–and orange, of course).

3. Hutch has been really great about putting together and setting up all of the gifts we’ve received! He’s going to be an amazing dad. Here are a few that I’m really excited about–the stroller (orange, yay!) and these 2 seating/swing options!
 4. The dreaded acid reflux has taken over my body. I have been waking up all night, super uncomfortable and can really barely eat anymore. I posted a picture on Instagram last night of my desperate attempt to avoid it by eating plain pasta and got an overwhelming response about Zantac! My doctor told me the same thing yesterday so off to the store I will go. Thanks guys 🙂
5. We took maternity photos a couple of weeks ago…I can’t wait to see them and share them :).
6. Breast feeding class — the CFO and I went to it. Terrified, but will give it my all and feel armed with some useful tools.
7. Baby Boy Hutch lives in my ribs. It hurts. Badly. 6 more weeks of discomfort…
8. I have to find a pediatrician–any tips on this from other moms? Good thing I completed the teepee before I did this…priorities.
9. I think I found the cutest baby book, ever. I will be doing a full review post on it with a discount code next week! Stay tuned….
10. I started to rash on my belly and can no longer use my stretch mark creams (now is when I really need them!). My doctor fears that it might be PUPP, but it seems to not be getting any worse so I’m praying it’s not! RIP delicious smelling oils and lotions.

Here’s a 33 week bump picture. I’m really not good at keeping up with these…I am up 14lbs now and definitely feeling large and uncomfortable. Here are 27 weeks, 20 weeks, and 16 weeks for comparison. He is absolutely insane inside of my belly, so I am super thankful for a healthy and active baby! Month 8–let’s do this.