Hello month 7 and 3rd trimester—how did that happen so fast?! Month 6 was full of lots of excitement and changes…and learning. Let’s get down to my top 10 of the month.

1. One thing I’ve definitely noticed is that continuing to dress up (as much as I can), doing my hair and makeup daily (LRT told me this!) and trying to feel as ‘normal’ as possible helps when dealing with all of the ‘changes’ my body is going through. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to look in the mirror and not recognize the person looking back at you after 27 years of seeing yourself one way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cool to see that bump–but to say there aren’t moments of ‘what happened to my body?!’ would be a lie. I’ve personally found that the more ‘fitted’ clothing makes me feel better. I tried on some looser, more flowey dresses when prepping outfits for maternity photos (next month!) and to say it was ‘not my best look’ would be an understatement….
Here are a few of my favorite things (and outfits that I wear on repeat…). 1. Nicole Miller Striped Dress 2. Isabella Oliver QUICKLY became a favorite of mine– this snakeskin number is now a wardrobe staple 3. I’m sticking to 1-piece bathing suits praying I can avoid stretch marks…the only problem is the actual maternity ones are pretty heinous. I’ve resorted to buying normal ones in larger sizes which seems to work well! I love this one from Ella Moss. 4. 5. 6. and 7. are all Isabella Oliver 🙂 8. is a favorite by Tart–so comfy! In addition to these numbers, I love that some of my favorite ‘normal clothing’ designers ALSO do maternity. Love my 7 for All Mankind jorts, Splendid tops, and this Bella Dahl top might be the softest thing, ever. Also attempting to wear as many non-maternity dresses as I can…but they’re getting a little short :).

2. In April, the CFO and I ventured to the other side of the world to Thailand! It was the trip of a lifetime–which I fully intend on blogging (one day). The bump shot opportunities were endless. Here are just a few of my favorites :).

3. I think I’ve finally finished registering (all with out ever stepping foot in to a store–SCORE! Thanks to lots of advice from friends with kids). Another struggle session has been with baby ‘stuff’–a lot of it is just simply not cute. Why does everything have puppy ears on it?! As I perused the internet finding things I like from 35 different stores, I realized a traditional registry was not going to cut it. Enter MyRegistry.com. This site is genius. You can add things to your registry from ANY store online that you want. One of my past clients did this for her wedding (works for any type of registry!) and I knew that I must partake. You install a ‘registry button’ on your tool bar, much like the ‘Pin’ button that you use for Pinterest. And voila–easy as pie. Both brides and soon-to-be-moms should check it out.
4. The only book on child-rearing that I had planned to read (other than 1 book exclusively about sleep that I was gifted by my good friend, Lynette–she SWEARS by it) is called Bringing Up Bebe.
It’s an American mother’s take on French parenting. I was raised by a European mother, and my very best friend happens to be French (being primarily raised in France)–so this book really appealed to me. Not saying it’s ‘right’ or that I will be an expert mom because of it, but it’s a completely different way of looking at pregnancy, babies and children compared to how Americans ‘do it’. Interesting read if you’re looking for one! It’s very much how I’ve approached pregnancy so far. Here are 3 passages that I took pictures of while reading that hit home to me and how I’ve looked at pregnancy.
5. Prenatal Pilates has been a life saver for me. I have a dysfunctional pelvis (who knew these things existed), so strengthening my pelvic floor has been key to finding SOME level of comfort when possible. Molly is so so good, I can’t recommend her enough for both regular and prenatal Pilates–I will definitely continue post-baby!
6. The nursery is starting to take a bit of shape…and by that, I mean the crib has arrived (and that’s it…). I DID however, make a design board! That has helped me shape the direction I want to move in. In addition, I know I can always count on input from my favorite SCSD :).

7. In addition to obvious wardrobe changes, I now officially live in Hanky Panky’s boy shorts. Life saver and game changer.
8. This past weekend I had my first experience with Braxton Hicks contractions. Very interesting to say the least. I have a funny feeling that this baby will come sooner than his due date…here’s to hoping and praying he holds on to full-term!
9. My belly button points to the left, as Baby Hutch favors my right side–it looks really silly :). He is also head-down (he’s flipped since our last doctors appointment!) so his legs are in prime position to kick me non-stop in the ribs (and he does…).
10. I passed my Glucose Test (for gestational diabetes)–woohoo! It is not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be and I actually enjoyed the drink! I chose fruit punch and I guarantee there are drinks on the shelves of Harris Teeter that are WAY sweeter!

And finally…a picture of the bump. I might have missed a few weeks (oops. mother of the year!). Click to see 16 weeks and 20 weeks….It has REALLY grown. There is no mistaking it, I am pregnant. I’m up a total of 7lbs now and have a very, very active baby boy in there. Very thankful :). Hoping and praying for a healthy 3rd trimester.