Sweet baby BOY. We are so excited to meet you. Definitely the highlight of the month–finding out the gender of Baby Hutch. Thank you again to The Schultzes for taking these photos and making this gender reveal VIDEO… what a fun moment to have on tape (tape? film? what is it called nowadays?)! I am loving how they are capturing this journey for us. Forever thankful.
We both were convinced on girl (Cheyenne hand-stamped the tags {above} right before we cut the cake as our ‘final’ guesses–boy were we wrong (pun intended))! We are so thrilled…so so thrilled. How great is the ‘bun in the oven’ cake that Amy and her team from Wow Factor Cakes made for us? How fun that she gets to know these little secrets before EVERYONE else! THANK YOU so much!
Top 10 thoughts of the month:
1. Wow! The movement! It’s crazy. I feel a lot already and have been for about 3 weeks now. It feels like a fish flopping around or more oddly…if you have ever had heart palpitations, I think it feels EXACTLY like that weird flutter sensation…it’s very cool and I love feeling it (yet, is still very surreal sometimes!). I even started seeing the movement from the OUTSIDE of my belly at 18 weeks!
2. Maternity pants=amazing. Period. (my mom also sent me a maternity dress–she’s the best around!)
3. I always thought ‘baby brain’ was one of those fake, made-up things–let me tell you, it is REAL. I have walked out of my condo, down the elevator, out to the garage and up to my car only to realize I have forgotten my keys 4 times now (Hutch does not think this is cute). I scraped the car up against a wall at Stagioni the other night…oops (Hutch also does not think that is cute…). Sent emails to the wrong people (work-related…not cool). I tell Hutch the same story 4 times… who knows what else!?
4. We had our ‘anatomy scan’ with the doctor and everything looked really great for our baby boy. Thank God! I am still so fascinated with health care and medicine (my background before events!), being able to see all 4 chambers of a heart, and the difference between the cerebrum and cerebellum in the brain on an ULTRASOUND of the baby–modern medicine is so great.
5. A very odd symptom that I never knew existed is extreme nasal congestion. Sometimes I wake up at night unable to breathe. Apparently this is normal…who knew?
6. I have an arsenal of stretch mark creams/oils that I use religiously. My dermatologist says they ‘might’ work (I’ll take it)…that, and keeping my belly out of the sun–hello 1-piece bathing suits!
Belli Oil -this is probably my favorite as far as texture/smell goes
-Spoiled Mama Bump Gloss/Tummy Butter (an LRT recommendation!)
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Mama Mio Tummy Butter (thank you to Amy at Wow Factor Cakes — hold on….feed me cake…give me stretch mark cream….I see what you did there…)
7. Speaking of belly, mine is now hairy and hard as a ROCK. Thank you, sweet, little testosterone-filled boy.
8. I am still getting migraines at least once a week, praying those subside.
9. I started Prenatal Pilates. Hoping to stretch and tone for an easier labor and delivery! Molly is fantastic and am loving these sessions already!
10. I am already blown away by the love and generosity of so many for this baby. So grateful. He is one lucky boy. Here’s a little snippet of a few gifts he has already been spoiled with!
This past weekend we went to Mexico to celebrate Hutch’s brother and his new wife’s wedding! It was absolutely fantastic to see sunshine and get a little bit of color on my very, very pale skin. It’s been a long winter.  I invested in some 1-piece bathing suits (from ASOS and Tara Grinna) for our upcoming trips and the summer…definitely different than my ‘norm’ but it was nice to eat huge meals and go right on to the beach with out a care in the world! 🙂

And here is the 20 week bump picture. Things have escalated quickly around these parts (see 16 weeks HERE), within the last 2 weeks I really feel like I’ve ‘popped’. I feel huge already, and often find myself passing by a mirror and doing a double-take. Hutch also bulges his eyes out when he sees my belly pass by…he also laughs a lot….hmm. My mom said she was ALL belly (and a big one at that!) with my brother, so I am bracing myself. I have gained 3 pounds–woohoo! Down a total of 6 lbs since pre-pregnancy (but truthfully I probably could have afforded to lose 5 of those lbs, so we might just call this a wash…). Will possibly take a poll on Instagram soon on when my belly button will officially be an ‘outtie’ — I’m thinking we’re no more than 2 weeks away.