He or She?
My final guess: GIRL
Hutch’s final guess: GIRL

So with out further adieu…

Baby Hutchins Gender Reveal from The Schultzes on Vimeo.

Thank you so much again to The Schultzes for capturing this special moment for us (which inevitably ended up in a video–Hutch’s favorite thing in the world now!!). If you can’t tell, we were absolutely SHOCKED. Thank you so much to Amy and her team at Wow Factor Cakes for the adorable ‘bun in the oven’ cake — it was absolutely perfect (and delicious!).

I defied a whole lotta’ old wives tales, I was convinced I was carrying a girl as:
-the heart rate was high: 154 BPM
-I am SICK-sick sick sick! Have still not gained 1 pound! (this was my biggest ‘girl’ indicator)
-my skin is terrible (they say girls take your beauty)
-I have been getting dizzy/lightheaded easily (my mom told me this happened to her when she carried me)
-Chinese Gender Chart said ‘girl’
-we have a boy named picked out and LOVE it–and can NOT agree on a girl name. so clearly, it would be a girl. 🙂

I prayed for a boy. I didn’t care about the gender–I’d love one of each eventually (God-willing). Hutch has longed for a boy since we have ever discussed children. He is always talking about walking to the new baseball stadium 1 block from us now (awesome!) wearing the Baby Bjorn with his ‘son’, teaching him to play sports, etc. etc…. I prayed every, single day for one. In my head, I thought it would be the greatest gift I could ever give  to him–a son. I wanted Hutch to cut the cake–I feel like as a woman I get to experience so much more being pregnant than he does (good and bad–ahem…cough cough push present…cough…). When he cut in to that cake, I was so happy (in general) but especially for Hutch.  I feel so blessed to be able to deliver him this amazing gift :).  After cutting in, we raced to the mall and hit up Janie and Jack and bought at least 7 outfits for our future son. We can not wait.