Well that was fast. Another month down. Best things about month 4: I’m FINALLY regaining normalcy in my life. I can eat again, I’m not falling asleep mid-convo while sitting up and I can do more than 1 thing a day with out feeling completely burnt out. 2nd trimester–so far so good.

Top 10 thoughts of the month:
1. Morning sickness is a lie–that stuff lasts all day/night. I have good days and bad days with this now. The last two have been bad. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow. They say if you’re sick it’s a good thing because the body is really taking to the pregnancy. Silver lining?
2. Not everyone is blessed with amazing skin and hair during pregnancy. I’ve developed facial acne. Heading to Charlotte Plastic Surgery next week for an Oxygen Facial. Fingers crossed.
3. You pee every 20 minutes. It’s fun (no it’s not).
4. Society LOVES a pregnant lady, and you are treated accordingly.
5. You wake up all night to pee (see #3).
6. Some people (me) get these really fun things called Round Ligament Pains — and I am now terrified to sneeze.
7. You really will grow out of your normal clothing, I’ve officially embraced Bella Bands. Will probably be using these post-pregnancy, especially for big meals. For some reason I’m avoiding buying actual maternity clothing…
8. People really, really like to see your bump. It’s fascinating.
9. I have felt slight movements and it feels like popcorn popping inside of your belly. Super cool.
10. I think I’m having a girl. Hutch is hoping for a boy. We’re both praying for healthy :). The baby was NOT cooperating in the ultrasound this morning (our doctor said he/she was literally in the worst possible position to see the gender. Perfect.)

This month we were supposed to go to Tampa for a dear friend’s wedding but got snowed in by #snOMG. Instead, we headed to Shower Me With Love to test-drive strollers. Hutch was so pumped (note: sarcasm). After I almost fainted in the store (had to strip out of my clothing and lie down on the ground–pregnancy/feeling overwhelmed), we landed on the Bugaboo Chameleon. We needed 1 stroller that could do it ALL. We live in a 1200 square foot condo and don’t have room for excess. Plus, it comes in orange–one of my favorite colors.
As Hutch was carrying it out of the store, I literally stopped in my tracks and had a ‘moment’–I could not believe we just bought a baby stroller. Then I frantically begged Hutch to take me to PF Chang’s to eat -there is no desperation like a pregnant girl’s when she’s hungry.
After lunch, we continued our baby crusade next door at Restoration Hardware and took advantage of a 20% sale — so we purchased 2 cribs. One for boy, one for girl. We delayed delivery so we can cancel one of them once we find out the gender.
This is the crib for the little girl–I love the tufted sides.
And here is the boy crib! Can’t wait to see which one we’re going to need :). Then we went and test drove cars, since we’ll need a bigger one for our expanding family. I hate car shopping–I’m leaving that up to the CFO. Tagging out.

Later in the month I flew to Paris to plan my best friend’s wedding. She couldn’t come because she couldn’t take any more time off of work, so it was just me and the bump crossing the pond to hang out with her parents.
Here is Baby Hutch’s first flight over to Paris. My flight attendant was so nice to make sure I had enough food/water the entire flight over. I had to pass on the champagne upon boarding (that was rough!) so he very kindly made me a sparkling water spritzer. The flight over was totally fine, nothing different than usual–thank goodness!
I was so busy the entire time I was in Paris– all work and very little play. The only pictures I got of any famous monuments were during drive-bys on the way to the next meeting.
The final afternoon of my quick trip, we had time to play. Margaux’s mom graciously took me maternity/bebe shopping. I got quite a few outfits for me, but nothing for Baby Hutch. The clothing over there is so cute–it would have been dangerous had I known the gender! Playing with the faux-bump pillows was quite funny and Margaux’s mom insisted on taking pictures of me with it. I really can’t believe I am going to get that big!

I also officially booked The Duke Mansion for my baby shower–I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect setting to celebrate a new little lady/little man. Such a classic venue. Truth be told, this was actually the very first baby-related thing that I did. True event planner form.
Now for the real reason why girls read pregnancy blogs (I’m on to you, all of you). You want to see how big I’m getting–let’s just all be honest and get in the trust circle here. Here is a picture of me at 16 weeks–finally feeling like my belly is ‘out’ a little bit :). I have lost 9lbs, but gained 2lbs in Paris but then lost 2lbs when I got back–so down a total of 9lbs. My belly is obviously growing, so I’m not concerned (yet). I have a very short torso and am feeling like my belly is making an appearance sooner than I had thought! Thankful for it either way–it’s definitely weird to look down and see it, but I’m starting to love it. 🙂