Thank you for all of the very kind thoughts, well wishes and prayers that we’ve received since announcing! We’re feeling very overwhelmed with love and support–thank you! I’ve received a TON of the same questions from all sorts of people so I wanted to update you all in one place (if you care!). If you don’t…just come back another day. :).

1. How did you find out?
I actually wrote this the day we found out so I could remember EXACTLY how I was feeling…because it was weird.
Woah. It’s December 13, 2013 (Friday the 13th!) and I realized that I was 4 days “late.” I was too busy to even notice. My sweet CFO urged me to go take a pregnancy test. I was in my pajamas, it was 7:30am, I looked like death warmed over coming off a huge photo shoot for Charlotte Wedding Magazine the day before….and I was taking a test to pacify my husband. I dragged my feet to the bathroom and fought with him the entire time about how there was NO way that I was pregnant, and this was a waste of time/money on the test. We weren’t even trying and I have NO symptoms. Before I even had time to put the stick on the counter-BOOM. 2 lines. We were pregnant. No way. No no no, that can’t be. I was shaking. 3 more tests. Pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant.
I had one of my sweet brides flying in from NYC for 2 days FULL of vendor meetings so I needed to The morning was a whirlwind of emotions–all good ones. But, I am scared. Terrified. What have I been doing for the past 5 weeks? Have I been healthy? I did the math…We conceived IN London, (English baby–makes sense since Kate {the princess} and I were married just 24 hours apart. We’re kindred spirits. AND my mom is from there :)!) where we were eating everything in sight and drinking wine–but my doctor has assured me that it’s OK–the embryo was too young (not even attached to me yet). Speaking of doctor, he was the first call that I made. After telling him that I needed to come in for confirmation for a pregnancy test (is that even a thing?!), he told me that I’d come in around 8 weeks for my first ultrasound. Woah…an ultrasound? This was all happening so fast.
Next, I emailed my mom (panicked) and told her to call me when she had a second. 7:30am her time (9:30 my time) the phone rang. “So…I’m pregnant.” She was thrilled, reassured me and got me excited for what’s to come. She is a doctor, and laughed when I kept repeating that I couldn’t believe it happened with out us ‘trying’ (feeling SO blessed!), and also told me all of the ‘next steps’ I need to be taking.

The CFO left for work and called me on the way (we live 2 blocks away so it’s not far) to tell me he was FREAKING OUT (in a good way!). We met for lunch around 11am and just kind of stared at each other, we didn’t say much. We kept looking at each other and would burst out laughing (is this normal?). Really, we’re in a state of shock at this point. I went to my client meetings and tried to remain as calm as possible and went about the rest of the day talking about linens, flowers and cake (speaking of cake, I had a cake tasting that afternoon and was giggling on the inside about how funny it was that as my first day knowing I was pregnant I got to inhale cake!). That night, we went to Luce to celebrate, and it was my first dinner out on a Friday in a LONG time where I couldn’t have a glass of red wine. Oh the pain. But, I ordered ravioli and didn’t feel a twinge of guilt–baby needs food!

2. Will you be doing weekly pregnancy updates?
No…I know for a fact that I’d never keep up with them and I surely don’t have enough going on weekly to be remotely interesting, believe me! 🙂 As much as I’d love to be diligent enough to keep a pregnancy journal, I know I just won’t do it. I’ll probably do monthly check-ins about things I’d normally blog about–but now, with a bump :).  We are far away from so many friends and family that I do think some updates would be fun. I have a lot of travel planned between now and August so stay tuned for that (baby hutch has already been to Houston, TX–yeehaw!). For more up-to-date happenings, follow me on Instagram.

3. Will you find out the gender?
YES! And no, I have no clue what it is! Just praying for healthy! I have a feeling it’s going to be a boy or a girl….

4. When are you due?
August 19th–my English grandmother’s birthday 🙂 Hutch is May 19th and I am September 19th–so that’d be kind of fun.

5. Will you tell people the name?
NO! 🙂 Not until it’s born!

6. How have you been feeling?
TERRIBLE! I have lost 7 pounds due to the inability to eat anything, I am not glowing, feel constantly hungover and I have a case of narcolepsy like nobodies business (seriously, I can fall asleep anywhere!). My sweet husband has been a saint through it all. God bless him. Hoping for a better 2nd trimester!

7. “Oh…that’s why you canceled Thailand!”
No, it’s really not! We’re going in April–hello baby moon! Hutch really, really did have to work–real talk. It worked out kind of nicely because I was NOT feeling my best over Christmas :). We cut out the elephant riding due to doctors orders, but we’re pumped for the rest of the adventure to come!

8. How did you tell your family?
Well…if you read above you know how I told my mom (cute, right?). She promised to keep her lips sealed so we could tell my dad in person! We bought a onesie that said “I love my grandparents” on it for when my dad got in to town for the holidays. I came back from a wedding I had in Raleigh on December 22nd (my parents flew in the 21st) and handed my dad a wrapped gift. He thought it was a doo rag to wear while on his motorcycle (see picture below circa Kappa Delta Daddy/Daughter weekend 2008).
He opened it up and was in complete shock and joy–hugged me and then Hutch! I wish I had it on video, it was pretty cute. We did a similar thing on Christmas Eve when my brother and sister-in-law came over–using the “guess what?” onesie. Then…I slept through the rest of the holidays not eating a thing–ugh, misery! A few weeks later, we told Hutch’s parents over Facetime (with the same “I love my grandparents” onsie–got a lot of use out of that!) and Hutch called to tell his siblings last weekend. Everyone is over joyed! 🙂
This picture below is literally how I spent my holidays (sleeping in front of warm fires/barely eating all of the delish food).Not going to Thailand turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we were able to celebrate this special time with my parents, brother and sister-in-law.
9. Was it planned?
Ummm…’kind of’. Not AS quickly as it happened but we’re not complaining. Feeling beyond blessed!

10.  “OMG are you dying with out SUSHI?!” (I am an addict)
My doctor told me I can still eat it as long as it’s not tuna (and other mercury-filled fish). SO happy to hear this–now I won’t starve to death, don’t worry! Salmon sashimi-nom.

11. Will you move to the ‘burbs?
Nope! We’re staying Uptown! City babe!

12. What about your weddings this year??
Thank God–it worked out perfectly. I have no weddings in August or September (compared to last year I had 6!) and will be ready to roll for October. I purposefully only took a limited amount of weddings this year in hopes to get pregnant. It has been very hard saying ‘no’ but I know I will be very thankful when the time comes!

13.  The Announcement Video — did that take forever?
Actually, from start to finish, it probably took 2 hours (from unloading all of those props to leaving). When I told Cheyennne of The Schultzes that I was pregnant, she immediately said “can we shoot your announcement photos? Just say yes.” Um….yes! Only problem was, I had never even given a thought of doing announcement photos. In true event planner form, my mind went in to over drive and I wanted to do something ‘different.” I went with the idea of showing the ‘story of us’–how we met, getting engaged, the wedding, our jobs, traveling, Ollie+Otto and of course our next adventure! The Schultzes were so nice to offer to shoot it 1. at all and 2. in their home where they have two children of their own. As we unloaded the car, the kids went down for naps and we got to work. Between brainstorming how to shoot this (you guys, they’re so creative/talented I can’t even tell you), shooting and cracking up (and me attempting to nap standing up) we had such a fun time. What an amazing keepsake they created for us…it will be so fun to have 20 years from now to show the kid. And, it was just so fun–we didn’t take ourselves too seriously! I can not recommend enough doing something special to announce and can not even begin to recommend The Schultzes enough–until I’m blue in the face!

And I think that’s it! Thanks for the continued well wishes! I’ve heard that this had been done a few times before around the world, so we’re going to just enjoy the ride. 🙂