Last year, the CFO and I decided we felt defeated with trying to get our home together. We didn’t have the time or the expertise to get it done. As with wedding planning, I think relying heavily on professionals is key. I don’t practice interior design for a living and it was time to find someone who does. I reached out to friends and Lindsey Regan Thorne put me in touch with one of her best friends, Sarah Catherine. I immediately reached out to SC as word-of-mouth trumps all advertising and marketing in my book. SC came over to my condo, we sat on my balcony and chatted. I knew immediately that I liked this woman’s taste and we definitely ‘clicked.’ So much so, that we are now very good friends (I even went to Cabo for her bachelorette party and got to help with HER wedding!). We also connected as female small business owners and love to bounce ideas off of each other. After the condo was finished, SC shot it for her portfolio so now we have pretty images of our first home together–I will always cherish these!

I can’t recommend Sarah Catherine enough. We are SO in love with our home, with her and we will most definitely be using her for years to come in our future homes. Living in Uptown does not need to feel stark/industrial. We are so cozy here and will continue to love it for years to come. She really reworked the entire condo from head to toe and we could not be happier with it. SC–we love you! xoxo
Foyer Before:
Foyer After:
Living Room Before:
Living Room After:
Kitchen/Dining Area Before:
Kitchen/Dining Area After:
Guest Room Before:
Guest Room After:
Master Bedroom Before:
Master Bedroom After (with Ollie+Otto):
Thank you times a million again to SCSD–you’re my girl and can’t wait for the next house you make in to a home for us. xo