I’ve been BEGGING the CFO for a puppy for about 3 years now…BEGGING. Any one of my close friends or family members can tell you, that when I REALLY set my mind to something, I usually achieve it. This was not the case with getting a dog. The CFO was holding firm, I worked too much, we traveled too much and our condo was too big of a mess to get a dog. Fine. The years passed, and my love for puppies never ceased. Every time I passed one on the street or in a car, an “oh my goodness!” squeal came bursting from my lips. Even Hutch began to mimic those same words when we encountered canines.

Then finally, one day, he said it…we could get a dog after the Democratic National Convention (since we’re renting out our condo and heading to Italy). YES!  Ok…September…not too bad. I can wait. Oh no wait, no I can’t. When I get a real, concrete idea in my head–boom! It needs to happen. I searched tirelessly all over the internet for the most perfect morkie I could find. And finally, as you probably know (unless you’re living under a Facebook rock) I found one! Well, two. But at first it was one. It was Ollie. We bought her (after more begging), and I was so happy. Then, I went to bed that night and couldn’t fathom leaving the brother with out his sister. I woke up in a panic, anxiety-stricken. Then the begging started again. I NEEDED them both. Finally, the CFO gave in (he was NOT happy about it) and we got both. Ollie+Otto.  They flew in one faithful morning in July from Kansas City (where I again proceeded to have another anxiety attack thinking of them dying mid-flight), and our new family was here! We love them so much and don’t even remember life before them! Even the CFO loves that we got BOTH! 🙂

I’ve now officially turned in to a crazy puppy mom–which wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have a photo shoot for the pups–right? Sarah from McGraw Photography took the pups out for their shoot and they literally had the time of their (short!) LIVES! Enjoy some cuteness! 🙂