It’s no secret that we like to travel–a lot. It’s one of the biggest attractions and commonalities the CFO and I share with each other. We both work a ton, and traveling is our way to reconnect and bond. We love it.  I surprised the CFO with a weekend in NYC for his birthday present. I promised him we could go and visit as much as he wants…just as long as I don’t have to live in a closet-sized apartment for $3,000/month. 🙂 We had a great weekend, but were more than happy to return home to Charlotte Sunday night. Our home. Here’s a little picture recap of our weekend:
We did a lot of cuddling with our nephew, Heyward–the Upper West Side Wein! It was Pride week in the city with a lot of amazing rainbow decor and a parade to boot! There were rooftop drinks at Empire Hotel, shopping, eating, walking, people watching (my favorite thing to do in new places!), Central Park and more eating. If I were to ever move to NYC, I’d definitely want to live at address 264 1/2–how cute is that!?