This week’s wrap up is covering the past couple weeks! Katrina and I were very busy with the finishing details on Katie + Chris’ wedding! Most of the week before the wedding was spent running last minute errands, making table runners, final follow-ups with vendors and so much more. I was beyond excited for Saturday- the wedding day.

On Friday, I got to go to my first wedding dress fitting! It was Melanie’s final dress fitting before her wedding (which is this Saturday). She looked STUNNING! I loved being in Nitsa’s and seeing all of the beautiful gowns!

Katrina and I were lucky enough to have the event space open all day Friday. So after our trip to Nitsa’s we got to go into the Mint Museum early to set up some things so that Saturday morning wasn’t overwhelming. Wooden chandeliers were hung, tables and chairs were assembled, and the pipe and drape was swung. It was so exciting to see everything finally start coming together!

I began my Saturday morning listening to wedding songs on my way to the Mint. I was a little too excited. After hanging the last of the chandeliers, Katrina and I went to visit Katie while she was getting ready. It was so cute seeing how excited she was, as well as seeing all the glamorous bridesmaids with their hair and makeup done. Afterward, we stopped by to see the boys who were all relaxed and playing corn hole. Then the craziness began… Katrina was receiving calls from left and right about how to tie bow ties to limousine questions.

The day went on, and the 5th floor of the Mint Museum was becoming more romantic by the second. Seeing all of Katrina’s work finally being pieced together was amazing. The reception looked better than I could have ever imagined. The attention to detail was impeccable. I could not have being more pleased with the outcome of everything. Katie + Chris both seemed overjoyed with everything. Seeing how happy they were with the result just made all the work that was put into it, worth it.

After seeing Katie + Chris’ reaction, it reminded me why I want to go into this business. I love knowing that your work could make someone so excited. Katie was raving all night about how pleased she was. The fact that it was her wedding night and she came over to Katrina multiple times just to tell her how much she loved everything; that reassured me as to why I love this business. Customer satisfaction at its finest.

I cannot wait for my next wedding. This weekend I am missing out on Melanie + Joe’s wedding in the Outer Banks, but I am wishing Katrina the best of luck! I know it is going to be beautiful and I cannot wait to see pictures! Photo Credit: The Schultzes