Last week, Katrina and I voyaged over to Duck, NC- a charming town in the Outer Banks. We met with all of the vendors for Melanie + Joe’s wedding to tie everything up for her wedding on June 9th! First we stopped by Sanctuary Vineyards to meet with the photographer, Brooke Mayo. She was so engaging with her bubbly personality and exciting ideas. I can’t wait to spend time with her the weekend of the wedding! We booked a room at The Sanderling Resort & Spa, the venue where the wedding is taking place. It was so nice; the wedding is going to be beautiful! Fingers crossed for good weather!! The next morning after a quick Starbucks run, we met with Marsha at Great Cakes to go over the cake details! Melanie chose for her cake to have two flavors- Key Lime Bliss and chocolate chip. Katrina and I were lucky enough to try the Great Cakes’ signature flavor, Key Lime Bliss. It is heavenly! Just the right amount of lime- not too tart! Lastly, we met with Wendy, the head of events at The Sanderling Resort & Spa, to figure out the finishing details. Wendy is great- so organized and has all of her ducks in a row. I enjoyed my quick trip to OBX with Katrina! It was lots of fun, and we had some great conversations during the 6 hour drive!

Back in Charlotte, we still had lots to do. With Katie + Chris’ wedding coming up so soon, Katrina and I got creative and are coming up with ways to use extra fabric. We finished up all of the table runners and I made some pillows! Thank god for internet and witch stitchery. I’m counting down the days until Katie and Melanie’s weddings! Soo excited!