Wow. It’s been 1 year already. Time surely does fly. Going through the pictures for these upcoming blog posts has sure made me thankful. Very thankful. I probably don’t thank the CFO enough for who he is, what he does for me, for us. He is the hardest working man I know, at least 80+ hours a week. At least. He is so smart, dedicated and has a drive to succeed like no other. He allows me to follow my dreams, and is undoubtedly my #1 fan. He tells more people about come+together than I do–it’s incredibly endearing. A lot has happened in just one year for us. We got married, bought our first place together, hosted our first Christmas, I started a new career, we began the puppy search, have planned, attended and been in too many weddings to count, laughed together (a lot), traveled together (a lot, one of our favorite things to do), navigated the ins and outs of sharing a closet, planned more trips (ANGUILLA tomorrow!), bought a new car (Saturday! Hutch even let me get the one I wanted!), made new friends; and I truly believe we love each other more each day. When you can just sit on the couch and laugh uncontrollably at stupid inside jokes that you have with each other–you made it. We made it.

To celebrate our anniversary, I will dedicate this week to us. Our love, our wedding, our life. Stay tuned for posts each day this week! I love you Ryan Hutchins (CFO).  First up, our wedding day. I love this day, forever and ever. Enjoy 🙂

Photography: The Schultzes
Ceremony – St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Reception – Mint Museum Uptown
Wedding planner – one of my favorite people, Alyse de Julien 🙂
Makeup – Kymm w/ Who’s the Fairest
Bridal gown – Pnina Tornai
Veil – Vera Wang
Shoes – Kate Spade
Bridesmaids dresses – Lula Kate purchased at Bella Bridesmaid
All things paper gorgeousness – Erica of The Summerhouse
Florals – The Bloom Room
Caterer – La Tea Da’s
Band – Heather Hayes Band
Stir sticks – For Your Party
Videographer – Merigo Films (formerly known as KA Studios)
Getaway pedi-cab – Charlotte Pedicabs