I got this fancy new iPhone app that allows me to collage my pictures right on my phone (the nerd in me thinks it’s super cool that technology has come this far). I decided I’m going to try to start recapping my days month-to-month. So now…a few pictures coupled with a few random thoughts to recap March…
1. I am making good on those New Years Resolutions I developed…I am working out. Yup, you heard it. For those who know me well, this is a really big deal. I sadly admit I haven’t worked out in about 3-4 years (if not longer). Nope, not even for my wedding. Completely unhealthy. I’ve become a yogi (which means I have gone to yoga 5 times, bought tons of new yoga outfits, a new yoga mat and took out a 2nd mortgage on the condo to help with my new found Lululemon addiction). Hopefully the new gear will help this one stick. I joined Flex+Fit in Uptown and feel motivated. Finally.

2. I bought a new camera strap, vowing to take more personal pictures. Hopefully this cute little chevron number will make me want to carry around my Canon and show it off a bit more…my future self will thank me.

3. Charlotte is GORGEOUS right now. Period. There are blooms everywhere and they make me eternally happy.

4. One of my BEST friends is getting married next week. As her Matron-of-Honor I found it necessary to find the best shoes I could to ensure her wedding pictures were perfect. After months of searching, I finally treated myself (thank you CFO) to a pair of Jimmy Choos. Elated, I sent her the link to these beauties only to find out…they were her WEDDING SHOES. What are the odds? A testament to our friendship–same great taste :). Alas, I will be wearing different ones as to not step (pun intended) on the bride’s big day. Any good MOH would do the same.

Hope all of you had a great March, and are starting an even better April!