Creature Christmas Recap

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Ours was a little insane, but great. Moved in to the new condo Tuesday, guests arrived Thursday–like I said, nuts. Here’s a little picture recap of our first Christmas as Mr.+Mrs.
Teddy opening his presents
 My gifts from the CFO 🙂 So excited about my new ‘H’ bracelet!
Hutch was only a little bit excited about his new iPadOf course I had to get a snowman cake from Wow Factor Cakes. Thanks, Amy! Her Wow-E-Pops were a HUGE hit too.
I got a Buche de Noel from Amelie’s. The mushrooms are too cute!
I created a seating space in our small condo to host 10 people. It was really funny to see chivari chairs, custom linens and decor at home.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping our next one is a little less chaotic 🙂

Featured: The Knot Magazine (Our Wedding!)

In the words of my ‘creative’ friend/bridesmaid, Amelia, “Oh my gosh ya’ll, we’re in a magazine!”  I hate to be dorky, but I think this is pretty cool..and by pretty cool, I mean I’m super excited. I picked The Knot Magazine up multiple times while planning my own wedding, and it’s neat to think about all of the brides around North Carolina finding ideas and inspiration from our wedding now. The CFO and I were excited to run around to different stores scooping up copies that went on sale December 26th (the store employees at the check out counter all look at us like we’re crazy until we explain we’re buying out their stock because we’re in the mag!). So here it is, our SPREAD (4 pages!!!!).



Hutch and I, of course, had to take some goofy pictures with my iPhone as we searched for these puppies. This was a great way to start off 2012 (that and a Gator win against OSU in the Gator Bowl!). Hope your 2012s have started off with a bang and continue to get better each day!

Here it is on the shelves!
Reading one of the spreads 🙂The other customers at CVS thought we were nut jobs, no doubt.
Yup, I’m a nerdy Event Planner. Sorry I’m not sorry. 🙂

Katrina Hutchins Events

Katrina Hutchins Events