Hi friends. I’m exhausted, are you? While I love the holiday season, nothing seems more tiring sometimes. Not only are we hosting 10 people for Christmas this year (our first time ever hosting Christmas, mind you), we also just moved in to our new condo yesterday (yayyyyyyy!), are busy busy busy with work and I’m trying trying trying to make this place look like Christmas before my family arrives in just a couple of days.

And yet, with all of the chaos, I am constantly reminded of how blessed and fortunate the CFO and I are. I am one lucky lady, while I worked all day, my awesome husband unpacked almost the ENTIRE condo (except for my clothing–which accounts for about half of the boxes), fetched and prepped all of my meals and took care of coordinating all of the deliveries, etc. It was almost like he was an event planner for the day :), a new career in his future? We already feel happy and at home here.  Every now and then, amidst the chaos, we keep stopping, look at each other, smile and feel humbled by our many blessings. Here are a couple of Christmas treats from our new home.
With family coming in just a couple of days, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for the blog, so I leave you with what I am thankful for this holiday season and perhaps a New Years resolution. I hope you all have a very Happy Everything.
xoxo The Hutchins

Thankful for in 2011:
My husband, who pushes me to be better every day.
My family, who I love love love and who also love Hutch so much, which means the world to him and me.
My mom, my rock, my Marry Poppins, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Martha Stewart rolled in to one. Life saver.
My new sister-in-law Ashley, for making my brother one happy man as his new wife.
My friends, who I know I neglect when I become too busy, and they always understand, forgive and stand by me no matter what. Grateful.
Our home, the little condo that could. Once we set our eyes on it, we knew it was the perfect home to start our life and we never gave up on her.
New friends in a new industry, to all of the amazing event vendors who have embraced, mentored and helped me. Forever indebted.
Our jobs, with so many struggling, we know we’re lucky to have what we have (and try to remind ourselves on tough days).

New Year’s 2012 Resolution:
Hit the gym! Ohhh this is on here every year, and every year I fail. I couldn’t even work out for my own wedding. But, this year will be different–right……
Watch less trashy TV
Try to be more of a minimalist
Take more personal pictures
Try to find more time to relax and just be
Volunteer at Levine Children’s Hospital
Volunteer for Mitey Riders with Erica Anne
Grow my business in a positive, productive and healthy way

We’ll see how many of these I can knock out. What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Any I should add? I’ll try to blog between now and 2012, but if I don’t… kiss kiss when the clock strikes 12!