It’s Christmas card season! I love finding little treasures in the mail every day from friends, family, coworkers etc. Holiday cards are a great way to see a person’s creative side come out, even if it’s only one time per year. I get really excited when I open the mailbox to find a new card waiting for me to unwrap. This year is the first year that we will be sending out our Christmas cards. I custom-designed ours from Minted. Minted is great because they allow you to change many of the features on a stock card. For example, I changed the font of our names on the front of our card. I also purchased the envelope wrap, which has our NEW address on it (great way to tell everyone of the new address too, bonus points for perfect timing of the big move).
On the back of the card, I chose to do a red/white stripe. Simple, festive…I love it. The back of the envelope wrap originally read ‘happy holidays,’ but I changed it to ‘happy everything,’ because ya’ll know I always like to be a little bit different :). I also changed from white envelopes to kraft paper envelopes. Another little touch of uniqueness. I addressed all 130 envelopes yesterday in one sitting (never again), and I’m so excited to send them out! Merry Christmas, I hope to get yours in the mail soon!