Yesterday, we had our first Thanksgiving as Mr.+Mrs. We’ve spent past turkey days with each other before, but this was the first one we celebrated as us. It was also the first one in Charlotte, and the first one I’d ever cooked on my own–start to finish. I wasn’t nervous though, my mom (doctor, martha stewart and marry poppins rolled in to one amazing lady who, I can only dream to become…) has always taught me to cook side-by-side with her. I only had to make a few phone calls during the day (attention: the turkey juices do not start dripping immediately–only after 2.5-3 hours. don’t panic, your turkey won’t pull a Griswold Christmas Vacation and dry out on the table. Phew, thanks mom.).

In true form to my upbringing, holidays aren’t just about the food and the family, it’s also about the decor and making the meal a special one. Nice china, linens, silver, napkins, decor etc. So, naturally, I went to West Elm the day before and bought-out the place, because quite frankly…THIS HOLIDAY SNUCK UP ON ME!  Don’t fret, sometimes procrastinators do win, I got huge discounts on everything. The CFO was pleased. It was also the first opportunity we have had to use all of the wedding gifts we received, which excited me to no end. My English grandparents gave us our entire set of good silver…it was an ideal event to debut those beauties. We invited two of his coworkers who had no place to go, and had a great meal. Did I mention it was the most beautiful Fall day? Couldn’t have been more perfect. Much, much, much to be thankful for.

I fell in love with West Elm’s Thanksgiving-themed dishware. I couldn’t resist purchasing the whole set (I also get that from my mom).
The table all set. I used burlap as the base layer of the table, and multiple layers of linen napkins from West Elm as place mats. I bought pumpkin candles, faux gourds, paper mache pumpkins and matching gold and purple votives to tie in with the color scheme.
The CFO was a huge help, cleaning the turkey, helping make the stuffing, peeling the potatoes and carving the turkey (manly job).
The cake…ohh the cake…from the one and only The Wow Factor Cakes. So cute and so so yummy. Red velvet, of course!
I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’m doing my Black Friday shopping via the Internet, sitting on the couch. 🙂