On November 4th, we rehearsed for my brother’s wedding. In the cold and wind, but it was still perfect. It was still perfect because of the people, the love and the excitement. And my brother’s God Daughter is possibly the cutest flower girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, with the perfect, perky personality to warm even the coldest of days.

The (cold) excited and proud parents of the bride and groom.  After a rather chilly rehearsal in the park, we hustled over to 82 Queen to get the party started. 82 Queen is an excellent local tradition in Charleston, with Southern food that is to die for (you literally may keel over after eating the amount of butter and cheese in the grits–so worth it). The best part of the rehearsal dinner, is it’s the Groom’s side of the family’s turn to add special touches to the wedding (don’t want to mess with the bride’s wedding day, so this is the perfect opportunity to put in the Groom’s family’s ideas and traditions). The hit of the dinner? No doubt the groom’s cake from Bakehouse–a replica of Ashley+Alex’s beloved dachshund, Heyward “the Upper West Side Wein”.
The bride definitely loved the cake.
Coozie designed by Erica from The Summerhouse. We surprised Ashley+Alex with these and matching napkins–enough for everyone on Wedding Day!
My lovely parents 🙂 Who do I look more alike?
Everyone had a place card leaf with custom calligraphy by Heidi at Kallosgraphia.
Custom M&Ms are always a treat, everyone had a bag attached to their leaf name card.
Some family pictures: My mom and brother, me and my grandmother who came all the way from Wisconsin–and is now a blonde like me!
The shrimp and grits topped with bacon–oh my. I coudn’t eat more than 5 bites it was so rich and delicious!
We displayed pictures of Ashley+Alex growing up separately, and one from the night they were engaged on the mantle.
Against their will, it was time to cut in to the cake.
Playing with Heyward’s tail. Love it!
The CFO and myself. I made him dress Southern for the occasion. He must really love me.
Now two married men, and brothers!
Can’t wait for the wedding day pictures to hit the blog coming up! Congrats again to my big brudderrr and his new wife Ashley! xoxo