One year ago today, we got all dolled up (me–by Kymm at Who’s the Fairest?, my CFO–by yours truly), and took our engagement photos. I was pumped, the CFO was terrified. It is a totally unnatural experience to have two professional photographers flanking you from either side taking hundreds of pictures of you, especially if you choose to ‘style’ your shoot. This is why being comfortable with your photographers is key. The Schultzes made us feel immediately at ease and we absolutely loved our session (the CFO was drained after hour 3, he was such a trooper).

Admittedly, I put a lot of work in to our engagement photos. I wanted something different, something you don’t see every day, and something fun. Couples spend so much time on their wedding, and ensuring those pictures will turn out well–but I say, you’re also investing in those engagement photos, so show them some love too. Don’t be afraid to do something non-traditional, after all, you have, and will take thousands of ‘every day’ pictures with your future husband/wife for years to come. Go out on a limb, don’t take it too seriously and have fun doing it.

I have way too many favorites (WAY too many)…prepare for a long post!