Nothing gets my inner-Harry Potter-nerd-juices flowing like Halloween. I know, the two are not the same (don’t curse me die-hard HP fans), but both involve witches and wizards, right? Now that I’ve entered in to ‘Adult-Halloween’, and the make-shift costumes at the bar are no longer socially acceptable, I thought I’d create a post on Halloween-Chic. There is definitely an upscale twist to this holiday. I hope this helps to get your creative juices flowing for your Halloween parties over the next two weeks.

Table Set-Ups and Decor

It’s All in the Details

Trick or TREAT?

The CFO, my friend Alyse and I carved pumpkins last night. And by my CFO, my friend Alyse and I–I mean the CFO and Alyse (as I found the templates to use, watched and played with Kiki). Alyse carved an adorable owl and I had the CFO carve a cute chair. I found the templates from HGTV.
Pretty proud of the CFO’s skills, and loving the non-traditional pumpkin choices.

 And the cutest, most faithful mascot (in theme) cheering us on. Kiki, the kikster, de Julien.
 And one more for good measure (isn’t she the cutest?)! Happy Halloween!