Opening your own business is a lot of work. A lot more work than I ever imagined, but also twice as rewarding. My favorite part thus far has been the branding process. The talented Erica from The Summerhouse was the perfect go-to for my branding journey (I had already worked with her through out my wedding for our invitation-suite, and had seen the work she’s done for other businesses). And a journey it was. I remember telling Erica I’d love to have the branding and website done within 3 weeks–to which, she quickly laughed. And I’m glad she did, because taking our time helped me really solidify what I wanted out of my brand and image.

The name of the company was the most difficult part, and took me about 2 months to finally nail down. I wanted something with a verb in it, and something that embodied what events, of all kinds, are all about. I finally had a breakthrough one afternoon, after thinking about what happens at events and what exactly it is that event planners do. People come together for an event, and event planners make sure all of the pieces of an event come together (decor, vendors, themes etc.) to make it a success. And there it was: come+together, but it needed a tag line. So, what is my business all about: 

We started with colors and logos, as I wanted my brand to appeal to all types of people, particularly both men and women.  I love the soft neutral tones we ended up with:

Next came the logo, I was fortunate enough to have a really good idea of what I wanted out of the logo. Simplicity was key, and I was dead-set on incorporating the “+” symbol in to it. Here’s a peek at Round 2 of branding:

After the colors and logo were settled, it was time to design business cards. I loved this, because I was going to be able to actually hold something, in my actual hands, that said come+together on it for the first time. I have two different types of business cards, standard press (to hand out by the handfuls) and letterpress (goes back to my letterpress obsession, that I use specifically for clientele).

Here is the PDF version:

And here are the real-live versions. Standard press up first:

Letterpress beauty: (My CFO/Husband wasn’t thrilled that I went for the LP–but they turned out so well that he’s OK with it now and hands them out to everyone he knows. SO fortunate to have him behind this business 110%):

After the business cards, came the blog. THIS was the most exciting part, because this is where I get to put myself out on there in the world and show who I am–to anyone with an iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anyone. So of course, I wanted it to be perfect. Erica and I didn’t go through too much trouble with the blog–she pretty much nailed it first go-around (then I changed a bunch of things, didn’t like it, and ended up changing it back to pretty much the very first round she had sent me–but she was amazingly patient with my indecisiveness and understood my need for perfection, because it’s her need too–that’s what makes her so good).

It has been 1 week since my first post, and I’m over-the-moon happy with the way the blog has turned out. I find myself waking up every morning and sitting with the CFO over coffee to look at my stats, to see who has commented, and to conjure up ideas of what to post next. Here is the very first blog draft Erica sent me—looks pretty familiar right?

Thank you again to Erica at The Summerhouse. I couldn’t have done this with out you!