Hutch, my husband and CFO, and I were married on April 30th of this year…just about 5 months ago now. Wow how the time has flown (when you’re having fun, right?).  Marriage is a blast, there is something extremely comforting about living and walking through life with your best friend and knowing it’s never going to end, even when times get tough. He’s got my back, I’ve got his back. Always. Forever. No matter what.

My close friends and family can tell you, that’s probably about the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said (not one for the sappy stuff)…so let’s get back to the point of this post: our wedding video. A videographer for weddings is an element that sometimes can be put on the back-burner due to budget constraints, or the thought that you just don’t need or want one. I try to tell all of my couples that that thought could not be more wrong. Pictures are amazing, but the video, seeing the real thing in motion, leaves me breathless. Every, single time I watch our video I feel my heart start to race (silly I know, but it’s true). I can not stress enough, how much I recommend a videographer if budget allows (or cut out something else out to make it fit!). We cherish our video and vow to watch it every year on April 30th with a glass of champagne in hand.

With out further adieu, I present to you our video shot and edited by Merigo Films.


If that wasn’t great enough, we get to be famous in our own minds on the cover of the DVD. Head over to Merigo Films to check out more of their great videos! They were fantastic to work with and I hope to see much more of them in the future!