Our Wedding: The Video

Hutch, my husband and CFO, and I were married on April 30th of this year…just about 5 months ago now. Wow how the time has flown (when you’re having fun, right?).  Marriage is a blast, there is something extremely comforting about living and walking through life with your best friend and knowing it’s never going to end, even when times get tough. He’s got my back, I’ve got his back. Always. Forever. No matter what.

My close friends and family can tell you, that’s probably about the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said (not one for the sappy stuff)…so let’s get back to the point of this post: our wedding video. A videographer for weddings is an element that sometimes can be put on the back-burner due to budget constraints, or the thought that you just don’t need or want one. I try to tell all of my couples that that thought could not be more wrong. Pictures are amazing, but the video, seeing the real thing in motion, leaves me breathless. Every, single time I watch our video I feel my heart start to race (silly I know, but it’s true). I can not stress enough, how much I recommend a videographer if budget allows (or cut out something else out to make it fit!). We cherish our video and vow to watch it every year on April 30th with a glass of champagne in hand.

With out further adieu, I present to you our video shot and edited by Merigo Films.


If that wasn’t great enough, we get to be famous in our own minds on the cover of the DVD. Head over to Merigo Films to check out more of their great videos! They were fantastic to work with and I hope to see much more of them in the future!

Will you be my bridesmaid?

When I asked my bridal party to be a part of my special day, I did it the old-fashioned way–either in person or by phone. My lovely ladies are spread around the country and I tried my best to ask them in person if possible, but that wasn’t always the case. I was recently honored with being asked to be the Matron of Honor for one of my very best friends, Lauren; and a bridesmaid for a dear friend, Brynn. They were both in my bridal party too, so now it’s time for payback :). I’m so thrilled to be in these beautiful brides’ weddings. Brynn sent her bridesmaids the note above, which has inspired this post. I was giddy to receive such a cute card, and soon uncovered a plethora of creative ideas out there to ask your bridal party to become part of your special day.

BHLDN (Anthropologie’s yummy new bridal line) has some beautiful vintage-inspired goodies:

I kind of die for these next ones. Vintage hankies (*love*).

For an edible option, I found these adorable cookies on Etsy. A cookie showing up on my doorstep would make my day, for sure.

Not a vintage/girly bride? Try these yummy letterpress cards found on Etsy (I have a deep obsession for letterpress, so beautiful).

And for the out-of-the-box modern bride, I found these gems on Etsy as well.

I hope this inspires you to be creative when asking your bridal party to be a part of your day! What other creative ideas have you seen?

Engaged: Whitney + Josh

Whitney and Josh were married a few weeks back on 9.10.11 (fun wedding date, right?!).  Whitney sent me the sweetest message and asked me to help her style their engagement photos. Not only is this an adorable couple, but their photographers were some of our *favorite* people, The Schultzes. I was so excited! It was so fun choosing props and clothing for the shoot. Congrats Whitney and Josh!

Hair and makeup by Kymm at Who’s the Fairest?

Whitney and Josh had their first date watching airplanes take off, so we incorporated paper airplanes in to their shoot–too cute.


A New Venture

Yup, that’s right. After months of planning, branding, blog-designing, and meetings galore, it’s finally here. I’ve started my own business and I am so proud to present to you:


Huh? What? I thought you were in health care?

It’s funny where the world has taken me. Unexpected and new places, new faces, new experiences. So far, it’s all led me to this (in a totally weird, roundabout but perfect way).  I’m loving what I’m doing, I love my clients, I love being a business owner, and I love and appreciate all of the support I’ve received, and continue to be blessed with.

I started come+together after receiving countless requests for help, advice and design tips for weddings, events and photo shoots. I grew to love the event industry and styling so much that I thought it was time to make the move—the big, really scary move of opening my own business.

And I am scared. This is a total departure from what I’ve known all of my life. But, I’m more than ready to take the risk and have a support team a mile-long backing me along the way.  Thanks to my husband for being my #1 fan, I can’t begin to express my gratitude and love for this man. I’m grateful for my family and friends who have encouraged me since day one. Thank you to all of the vendors who are cheering me along, you comfort me in ways you probably don’t even realize.

A special thanks to Erica from The Summerhouse for being amazingly patient and creative with me during my branding process; and Cheyenne from The Schultzes, for lending me your talent with the lens for my headshots, and your words of wisdom. And to my many close friends (I hope you know who you are) and family members who have helped me nurture this idea and have talked me through it on a daily basis—I am forever indebted to you.

I do hope you check back with me frequently, as I have lots of goodies coming up on the blog. Please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and let me know if you need any help with an upcoming event!

Katrina Hutchins Events

Katrina Hutchins Events